Adjectives for Saint

Adjectives For Saint

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing saint, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of adjectives associated with the noun 'saint' unveils a captivating blend of reverence, historical context, and gender aspects. Descriptors like 'great' and 'true' speak to the veneration and authenticity attributed to saints across cultures. 'Christian', of course, anchors the term in its religious roots, while 'old' offers a nod to the timelessness of their influence. The distinction made by 'female' highlights the gendered perspectives often present in discussions of piety and virtue, whereas 'local' underlines the community-specific reverence that saints can inspire. Each adjective opens a window into the multifaceted ways we understand and honor these figures. Dive into the full list below to explore the rich tapestry of language surrounding 'saint'.
greatShe was proclaimed a great saint in 1900.
christianSaint Francis was a beloved Christian saint
oldThe old saint prayed fervently for the well-being of his flock.
trueThe true saint is one who helps others without expecting anything in return.
femaleShe was a female saint who dedicated her life to helping others.
localPilgrims flocked to the shrine of the local saint
particularFor some particular saint God heard my request.
famousThe famous saint was known for his miracles.
holyThe holy saint led the people through the dark times.
popularThe popular saint is venerated by many people.
muslimThe Muslim saint is revered by many for his piety and miracles.
dearOh, dear saint grant me this one wish.
youngThe young saint was a shining example of virtue.
realShe is a real saint for putting up with him.
favoriteMy favorite saint is Saint Anthony.
irishPatrick is the most famous Irish saint
greatestSaint Francis of Assisi, the greatest saint of the Catholic Church, was born in Assisi, Italy in the year 1182.
favouriteSaint Francis of Assisi is my favourite saint
buddhistThe Buddhist saint reached nirvana through years of meditation and study.
dayThe day saint has been crowned with Glory.
blessedI prayed to the blessed saint for guidance.
sufiThe sufi saint Rumi is known for his beautiful poetry.
deadThe dead saint's remains were enshrined in a golden reliquary.
perfectThe perfect saint spent his life in quiet contemplation.
agedThe aged saint prayed for the lost sheep.
nationalPatrick is the patron saint of Ireland, also known as their national saint
centuryHe was declared a century saint by the Church.
martyredHe was a martyred saint who died for his beliefs.
eminentThe eminent saint was known for his humility and kindness.
medievalThe medieval saint was known for his miracles and his dedication to the poor.
titularThe titular saint of the church is Saint Peter.
royalThe royal saint was crowned after a week of fasting and prayer.
futureMother Teresa has been called a future saint by many.
celebratedThe celebrated saint was known for his good works.
sweetThe sweet saint smiled gently, radiating love and compassion.
tutelarSaint Jude was often invoked as the tutelar saint of desperate cases.
venerableThe venerable saint was known for their piety and wisdom.
secularMother Teresa has frequently been called the living secular saint of Calcutta.
indianThe indian saint was highly respected by his followers.
mediaevalThe mediaeval saint was known for his piety and humility.
belovedThe beloved saint was deeply revered by the people.
gloriousThe glorious saint interceded for the faithful.
hinduThe Hindu saint was known for his wisdom and compassion.
fairHe was not so sure that he should not spend his next call upon the fair saint
spanishThe Spanish saint was canonized in the 16th century.
montMont Saint-Michel is a commune in Normandy, northwestern France.
maleThe male saint was canonized for his work with the poor.
virginThe virgin saint appeared to the faithful in a dream.
moslemThe mosque, named after a local Moslem saint was built in 1560.
gentleThe gentle saint smiled sweetly at the children.
celticSaint Patrick is the most well-known Celtic saint
mysticThe mystic saint's ethereal presence illuminated the darkened chapel.
reveredThe revered saint led a life of poverty and humility.
knownThe people wanted the body of the known saint to be moved to their church.
italianThe patron saint of Naples is Saint Gennaro, an Italian saint
asceticThe ascetic saint lived a life of prayer and fasting.
humbleThe humble saint lived a life of poverty and service to others.
youthfulThe youthful saint was praised for his unwavering faith and wisdom.
renownedThe renowned saint lived a life of simplicity and devotion.
legendaryThe legendary saint is known for their piety and miracles.
muhammadanThe Muhammadan saint was a man of great wisdom.
mohammedanThe Great Mosque of Djenné is a mohammedan saint in Mali.
obscureHe often invoked the name of the obscure saint
russianThe russian saint lived a life of selflessness and devotion.
unknownShe's been referred to as an 'unknown saint' by some.
genuineHe is a genuine saint and has dedicated his life to helping others.
corruptThe corrupt saint was cast out of heaven for his wicked deeds.
piousThe pious saint spent his days in prayer and meditation.

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