Adjectives for Sale

Adjectives For Sale

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sale, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a sale can significantly impact the perception of the offer. A public sale suggests openness and accessibility, inviting a wide audience to explore the deals. In contrast, a private sale offers exclusivity, appealing to those seeking unique opportunities. The mention of a first sale evokes a sense of urgency and novelty, while a retail sale centers on consumer goods at reduced prices. And for those on the brink of action, a ready sale indicates immediacy. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, shaping buyer anticipation and interest differently. Dive into the full array of adjectives paired with 'sale' to understand the nuanced implications of each.
publicThe public sale of the new product was a huge success.
firstThe first sale of the day was a success.
readyThe house is ready sale
retailThe retail sales increased by 5% in the last quarter.
privateThe mansion is now available for private sale
shortThe bank approved his request for a short sale allowing him to sell his house for less than what he owed on the mortgage.
largeThe store is having a large sale on all clothing items.
directThe company increased its direct sales by 10% last quarter.
subsequentAfter the subsequent sale of the house, the newly appointed owner had the property renovated.
forcedThe forced sale of the house was a difficult decision for the family.
judicialThe judicial sale of the property was held last week.
actualI was surprised by the actual sale price of the house.
immediateThis beautiful property is available for immediate sale
annualThe store's annual sale starts next week.
quickI'm looking for a quick sale on this car.
illegalThe illegal sale of firearms is a serious problem in the United States.
bigThe store is having a big sale on clothes this weekend.
averageThe company's average sale is $100.
finalThis item is a final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.
commercialThe commercial sale of the property is set to close next week.
futureYou can get 20% off during our future sale event.
extensiveThe store is holding an extensive sale on all clothing items this weekend.
totalThe total sale for this month was $1,000,000.
rapidI'm hoping for a rapid sale of my house.
successfulThe successful sale of the product boosted the company's revenue.
originalWe bought the car from the dealer for the original sale price.
possibleI'm sorry, I don't have any information about a possible sale
wideThe book enjoyed wide sale thanks to its gripping storyline.
initialThe initial sale of the product was a great success.
openThe open sale for the new product will start tomorrow.
recentThe recent sale was a huge success.
eventualThe company hopes for an eventual sale of the product.
profitableThe profitable sale of the company's assets helped to offset the losses incurred in the previous quarter.
enormousThe store is having an enormous sale on all clothing items.
compulsoryThe compulsory sale of the property was ordered by the court.
laterShe bought the furniture with the intention of later sale
largestThe department store had its largest sale of the year last weekend.
forThe house is for sale
absoluteThe furniture is being sold at an absolute sale with no minimum bids or reserves.
domesticThe domestic sale of goods and services increased by 2.5% in the last quarter.
potentialThe potential sale of the company is expected to close next month.
fraudulentThe company is being investigated for fraudulent sale of its products.
ultimateThis weekend only, take advantage of our ultimate sale on all items in the store.
pointPoint sale is a great way to save money on items you use every day.
voluntaryThe voluntary sale of the house was completed last week.
immenseThe store's immense sale attracted a huge crowd of shoppers.
fictitiousThe store ran a fictitious sale to attract more customers.
exclusiveThe company held an exclusive sale for its members.
steadyThe coffee shop had a steady sale of pastries every morning.
limitedThis store has a limited sale on all clothing items.
validThe valid sale will be announced next week.
occasionalThe store had an occasional sale on its various products.
dayThe day sale at the department store was offering big discounts on everything from clothes to electronics.
forwardThe forward sale of goods is a type of contract in which the buyer agrees to purchase goods at a set price in the future.
dailyThe daily sale at the store is a great way to save money.
interstateThe interstate sale of certain products is prohibited.
fairThe artwork was sold at a fair sale

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