Adjectives for Sales

Adjectives For Sales

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sales, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe sales can change the nuance of your sentence dramatically, highlighting various aspects of business performance. Use total to discuss overall figures, creating a sense of completeness. Retail sales offer insights into consumer purchasing behavior, ideal for a more targeted analysis. When referring to a company's yearly achievement, annual sales is your go-to term, adding a temporal dimension to your data. The distinction between net and gross sales can significantly affect financial interpretations, with the former reflecting profit after deductions and the latter emphasizing total revenue. Meanwhile, domestic sales focus on the home market, offering a localized view. Dive into the complexities and subtleties of sales-related adjectives with our comprehensive list below.
totalOur total sales have increased by 15% this quarter.
retailRetail sales increased by 5% last quarter.
annualThe annual sales of the company increased by 10%.
netThe company's net sales increased by 10% in the last quarter.
grossThe gross sales for the quarter exceeded $10 million.
domesticThe company's domestic sales have increased by 10% this year.
foreignThe company's foreign sales increased by 10% last year.
directOur direct sales efforts have been very successful.
actualThe actual sales surpassed the projections by a significant margin.
futureWe project future sales to be strong.
specialDon't miss out on special sales this weekend!
averageThe average sales for the month of April were $10,000.
internationalThe company's international sales have increased significantly in recent years.
monthlyThe monthly sales have been consistently increasing.
additionalThe company's additional sales have been encouraging this quarter.
recentRecent sales figures show an increase in overall revenue.
commercialWe saw a sharp increase in commercial sales last quarter.
dailyThe daily sales figures can be found in the attached spreadsheet.
conditionalThe conditional sales agreement included a down payment of 20%.
militaryThe military sales grew rapidly in the third quarter.
overseasThe company's overseas sales increased by 10% last year.
potentialWe are excited about the potential sales of our new product.
worldwideThe company's worldwide sales exceeded expectations.
weeklyThe weekly sales reached an all-time high.
overallThe overall sales of the company increased by 10% in the last quarter.
onlineOnline sales are projected to reach $5.5 trillion by 2025.
illegalThe illegal sales of drugs were a major problem in the city.
comparableThe comparable sales growth for the quarter was 5%.
pastWe can track our profit based on past sales
globalThe company's global sales reached a record high last year.
corporateThe team focuses on building relationships through corporate sales
wholesaleThe company's wholesale sales have increased by 15% this year.
yearlyThe company's yearly sales increased by 10%.
installmentThe company's installment sales increased significantly in the last quarter.
profitableThe profitable sales were beyond our wildest dreams.
subsequentThe subsequent sales were impressive.
forcedA large number of forced sales occurred due to the economic downturn.
quarterlyThe quarterly sales figures were released today.
substantialOur sustained marketing campaign has resulted in substantial sales growth.
taxableTaxable sales in the state increased by 5% last year.
extraThe store is offering extra sales on all clothing items.
judicialThe judicial sales were held in the county courthouse.
doorDoor-to-door sales have declined as online shopping has become more popular.
clericalThe clerical sales department is responsible for processing and recording sales orders.
quickThe new product launch resulted in quick sales
interstateThe company's interstate sales have increased significantly in recent years.
incrementalThe company's incremental sales for the quarter were impressive.

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