Adjectives for Sat

Adjectives For Sat

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sat, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'sat' carries a multitude of nuances when paired with diverse adjectives, shaping the context significantly. An 'open sat' suggests a readiness or availability, unlike a 'closed' scenario. 'Fri sat' might imply a specific timing or reference to the end of a week, while 'verbal sat' emphasizes the manner of action or communication. The 'last sat' brings a sense of finality or conclusion, contrasting with 'average sat,' which normalizes the event. 'Mon sat' similarly ties the action to the beginning of the week, setting a different tone. Each adjective molds the meaning of 'sat,' portraying varied scenarios and emotions. Explore the full array of adjectives to fully appreciate the versatility of 'sat'.
openThe window was open sat morning.
friFri sat on the cozy couch.
verbalThe verbal sat on the table.
lastI last sat on the bus before it left.
averageHis average sat score was 1200.
monMon sat sur une chaise.
totalWe determined the total sat score from available data.
5pmIt's 5pm Saturday
actualThe actual sat score should be available within 6 weeks.
medianThe median sat score for the state of California is 1100.
6pmI'll meet you at 6pm sat
liquidThe liquid sat in the glass, shimmering in the sunlight.
4pmI have a meeting at 4pm sat
7pmI'll meet you at 7pm sat
untimedThe untimed sat by the shore and watched the waves crash against the rocks.
minimumTo calculate minimum sat subtract the fee from the amount.
dualThe computer was designed with a dual sat architecture to improve performance.
dailyI did my daily sat prep.
cnfThe answer to the cnf sat problem is true.
8pmI'll meet you at 8pm sat
10pmIt was 10pm sat when the dog started barking.
uniqueThe unique sat upright, and leaped into the air.
meanThe mean sat there, glaring at me.
tatTat sat is a Sanskrit phrase that means 'That is it'.
6thThe 6th sat quietly in the corner.
1pmI have a meeting at 1pm sat
9pmThe event will be held at 9pm sat
16thThe 16th sat on the bench, his eyes closed in thought.
19thThe 19th sat in the middle of the row.
interactiveThe interactive sat was a success.
2pmIt was 2pm sat in Georgia.
4thThe 4th sat on the bench, waiting for the bus.
8-12Our focus group of 8-12 sat for two hours.
11pmI went to bed at 11pm sat
maxThe conference on max sat will take place in Toronto.
compareI can't compare sat because it's not a verb.
18thThe 18th sat on the swing.

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