Adjectives for Savings

Adjectives For Savings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing savings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with 'savings' can greatly impact the interpretation and emotional weight of your message. Terms like 'domestic savings' highlight the context within the household economy, while 'substantial savings' suggests a considerable amount preserved or not spent. 'Significant savings', similarly, points to an impactful amount, often influencing decisions. 'Private' and 'personal savings', on the other hand, bring an intimate touch, emphasizing ownership and the individual’s financial discretion. 'Potential savings' speaks to the future, suggesting what might be saved under certain conditions. Each adjective not only modifies 'savings' but also colors the narrative, guiding the reader's understanding and expectations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your discussions on savings below.
domesticDomestic savings are an important source of capital for investment and economic growth.
substantialWe were able to achieve substantial savings by negotiating a lower price.
significantSignificant savings can be achieved by switching to a more efficient energy plan.
privateHe transferred his private savings to a new bank.
potentialPotential savings can be huge
personalHer personal savings gradually increased during her ten years as a software engineer.
smallSmall savings put aside regularly can make a big difference in the long run.
annualThe annual savings from this investment are impressive.
totalMy total savings over the past year amounted to \$1,200.
considerableThe new energy-efficient appliances offer considerable savings on your utility bills.
netThe net savings from the project were significant.
nationalNational savings are an important source of funds for investment.
financialOur financial savings have grown significantly over the past few years.
foreignChina's foreign savings have played a key role in its economic development.
additionalAdditional savings can be a significant benefit.
costWe implemented a new system that resulted in significant cost savings
postalMany people used postal savings to hide money during the Great Depression.
possibleThere are possible savings of up to 50% on select items.
realInvesting in solar panels is a smart way to make real savings on your energy bills.
greaterWith our advanced technology, you can enjoy greater savings on your purchases.
grossGross savings are calculated by subtracting total expenses from total income.
individualIncreased individual savings are an important factor in economic growth.
termI'm saving money for a down payment on a house, so I've been putting extra money into my term savings account.
voluntaryVoluntary savings are a key component of personal finance.
actualThe actual savings from the energy-efficient appliances amounted to 20% of his annual electricity bill.
furtherThe store offers further savings on their already discounted products.
corporate"Corporate savings" refer to the amount of money a company has set aside for future use.
currentI am trying to increase my current savings to buy a house.
overallThe overall savings on your account will be $100 a month.
averageMy average savings are around $500 per month.
directThe new software resulted in direct savings of over $1 million.
compulsoryCompulsory savings are a type of savings that are required by law.
bigTake advantage of our big savings and get the best deals today!
aggregateAggregate savings can be influenced by factors such as income levels, interest rates, and consumer expectations.
hugeThe store is offering huge savings on their back-to-school supplies.
forcedInvesting in an insurance policy can be seen as a form of forced savings
entireHe spent his entire savings on the lottery ticket.
meagerDespite working long hours, the single mother's meager savings were barely enough to cover her family's basic needs.
enoughI have enough savings to retire comfortably.
futureMy future savings will hopefully allow me to buy a house.
tremendousTake advantage of our tremendous savings and maximize your profits.
internalThe company has decided to use its internal savings to invest in new technologies.
enormousTake advantage of our enormous savings on all your favorite products!
monetaryThe new software resulted in significant monetary savings for the company.
pastI have been putting away money in my past savings account.
sufficientI have sufficient savings to retire early.
greatestWe offer the greatest savings on all of our products.
federalI keep my money in a federal savings account.
modestShe had only modest savings so she couldn't afford to buy her dream house.
excessExcess savings are not a good sign for the economy.
monthlyMy monthly savings are a significant part of my financial plan.
immediateDiscover immediate savings on a full range of products and services.
computationalThe current techniques offer only computational savings for a given accuracy.
availableI have some available savings that I can use to buy a new car.
yearlyI'm hoping to increase my yearly savings by 10% this year.
mutualThey deposited their money into a mutual savings account.
genuineSustainable development requires that genuine savings be greater than zero.
resultantThe resultant savings brought the total cost down to a manageable level.
dramaticTake advantage of our dramatic savings on all your favorite items!
anticipatedThe anticipated savings of the new technology are substantial.
budgetaryThe company implemented several measures to achieve budgetary savings
marginalThe marginal savings rate is the change in savings as a proportion of the change in disposable income.
largestWe are proud to offer the largest savings on all of our products.
meagreHe decided to withdraw his meagre savings
contractualContractual savings can be a great way to save money over time.
extraTake advantage of extra savings and special discounts today!
appreciableWe can give you the best property rates and appreciable savings on utilities.
administrativeThe administrative savings alone were enough to convince the company to switch to the new software.
operationalThe company announced operational savings of $10 million in the past quarter.

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