Adjectives for Scale

Adjectives For Scale

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing scale, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'scale' reveals much about the context and specificity of discussion. Descriptors like 'large' or 'grand' amplify the sense of magnitude, often inspiring awe or highlighting significance. On the flipside, 'small' or 'smaller' scales bring attention to details, offering a more intimate or meticulous viewpoint. 'Larger' and 'smaller', comparative forms, suggest a dynamic range, implying comparison or transition. The unique 'point scale' introduces precision, injecting a scientific or methodologically sound perspective. These adjectives, each coloring the noun with distinct shades of meaning, enrich communication. For a deeper exploration of how 'scale' can be variously described, discover the full list of adjectives below.
largeThe project will be carried out on a large scale
smallThe research team conducted a small scale study of the effects of the new drug.
largerThe company's plans now include a larger scale expansion into Europe.
smallerThe research was conducted on a smaller scale
pointThe students' essays will be graded on a 10-point scale.
grandThe project was undertaken on a grand scale with resources and personnel allocated to ensure its successful completion.
socialThis issue is being debated on a social scale
globalThe pandemic had a devastating effect on the global economy on a global scale
nationalWe need a reliable model for predicting the disease outbreak on a national scale
logarithmicThe data was plotted on a logarithmic scale to better visualize the wide range of values.
fullThe school is under full scale quarantine.
verticalThe vertical scale of the map was too large to see the details.
wideThe new technology has been implemented on a wide scale
extensiveDespite losing revenue, the company continued to expand operations on an extensive scale
massiveThe new technology was implemented on a massive scale
limitedThe project is still in its early stages and is currently operating on a limited scale
vastThe project had a vast scale and required a team of over a thousand engineers.
commercialThe new production line will allow us to produce solar panels on a commercial scale
horizontalThe horizontal scale of the graph shows the years from 1950 to 2020.
internationalThe company's success has reached an international scale
regionalThe volcanic rocks of the Kuanping Formation distributes at regional scale in the south of Liaodong Peninsula.
modestThe town of Willow Creek has a modest scale with a population of just over 5,000 people.
linearThe vertical axis of the graph is drawn to a linear scale
itemThe item scale on the test ranged from 1 to 5.
unprecedentedThe natural disaster struck the country on an unprecedented scale causing widespread damage and loss.
granderThe new project was undertaken with grander scale and ambition.
absoluteThe absolute scale is a scale of temperature that is based on the absolute zero, which is the lowest possible temperature.
minorThe song was in a minor scale which gave it a haunting melody.
spatialThe spatial scale of the study was 100 kilometers.
broadThe new initiatives have broad scale support.
intervalThe data was measured on an interval scale
widerThe project aimed to address the issue on a wider scale
giganticThe construction project is of such a gigantic scale that it requires the cooperation of multiple contractors.
industrialThe company operates on an industrial scale producing millions of units each year.
musicalThe song was played in a minor musical scale
ordinalThe researcher separated the consumers into different categories based on their ordinal scale scores.
largestThe company launched its largest scale marketing campaign to date
grayThe old black-and-white photos were captured in a gray scale
chromaticThe pianist played a chromatic scale ascending from the lowest to the highest note on the keyboard.
broaderThe results can be extrapolated over a broader scale based on the current results.
diatonicThe diatonic scale is a seven-note scale consisting of five whole tones and two half tones.
atomicThe researchers used atomic force microscopy to image the material at the atomic scale
standardThe standard scale is used to measure the temperature.
appropriateThe plan should be implemented on an appropriate scale to maximize its impact.
enormousThe project is of an enormous scale
hugeThe construction project was carried out on a huge scale
evolutionaryThe species underwent rapid morphological changes on an evolutionary scale
numericalThe numerical scale used ranged from zero to five.
minimumThe minimum scale is set to ensure consistency.
continuousThe continuous scale of the variable allowed for a more detailed analysis of the data.
microscopicThe microscopic scale of the virus made it difficult to detect.
nominalThe nominal scale is a type of measurement scale in which the data is divided into categories.
magnificentThe building stood with a magnificent scale dwarfing all other structures in the vicinity.
arbitraryWe can use an arbitrary scale to measure progress on specific goals.
visualThe visual scale ranged from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
worldwideThe virus has spread on a worldwide scale
colossalThe project was of colossal scale requiring an immense amount of resources and manpower.
extendedThe extended scale ranged from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.
sheerThe sheer scale of the operation was beyond anything we had ever seen before.
enlargedThe model on the enlarged scale was more accurate.
convenientThe product was made of high-quality materials on a convenient scale
uniformWe use the same uniform scale when selecting candidate responses.
pentatonicThe pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave.
lavishThe royal palace was built on a lavish scale with gold and marble lining every hallway.
lesserOn a lesser scale the project involved the construction of a small office building.
efficientWe will work together to achieve an efficient scale of production.
macroscopicThe macroscopic scale is the scale at which objects can be seen with the naked eye.
biggerThe new plan was bigger scale than they had originally thought.
typeThe type scale defines the sizes of different elements in a design system.
characteristicThe characteristic scale for the issue can be determined quantitatively by evaluating the repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement system.
substantialThe project is of substantial scale and will require a significant investment.

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