Adjectives for Schedule

Adjectives For Schedule

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing schedule, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating through your day can greatly be influenced by your schedule, where adjectives like regular, daily, busy, tight, and full depict more than just the structure, but also the essence of your time-management skills. A regular schedule implies a comforting predictability, while a daily one suggests a disciplined routine. The term busy may hint at productivity or overwhelm, depending on one's perspective. A tight schedule conveys the challenge of juggling numerous tasks, juxtaposed with a full schedule that might indicate a fulfilling albeit packed day. Similarly, a weekly schedule gives a broader overview of time allocation. Discover the nuanced implications of these adjectives and more in the full list below.
regularI usually wake up at 8am on a regular schedule
dailyI checked my daily schedule to make sure I had everything in order.
busyMy busy schedule left me with little time for leisure activities.
tightWith my tight schedule I have to plan carefully to get everything done.
fullI have a full schedule tomorrow.
weeklyI have a busy weekly schedule that is always changing.
secondThe agreement sets forth the terms and conditions to which the parties agree, as further set forth in the second schedule
originalWe had to change the original schedule due to the weather.
intervalSchedules that require a response on the first occurrence only, are called interval schedules.
typicalHere is a typical schedule for a student during the week.
heavyThe tutor has a heavy schedule this week and cannot sign up for additional appointments.
dayI receive my day schedule every morning.
flexibleI appreciate the flexible schedule that allows me to balance my work and personal commitments effectively.
rigidI have a rigid schedule to follow today, so it's important to stick to it as closely as possible.
normalI am following my normal schedule today.
hecticDespite her hectic schedule she always makes time for her family.
detailedThe meeting has a detailed schedule including dates, times, and speakers.
currentThe current schedule is subject to change.
hourThe manager created an hour schedule for the new employee to follow.
thirdThe third schedule of the Constitution of India contains the list of Union Territories.
strictHe adhered to a strict schedule throughout the day.
entireI forgot my entire schedule so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now.
timeThe time schedule for the train is available online.
completeThe company will provide a complete schedule of the classes before the start of the program.
definiteThe project does not have a definite schedule
plannedThe planned schedule was disrupted by an unexpected rainstorm.
intermittentThe intermittent schedule of exercise allowed for consistent practice without the risk of burnout.
fixedHe had a fixed schedule for his workout.
variableThe professor used a variable schedule to keep students on their toes.
separateWe each had a separate schedule for the day.
rigorousThe team had to adhere to a rigorous schedule in order to complete the project on time.
weekI have a busy week schedule
overallWe will need to adjust our overall schedule to accommodate the new project.
predeterminedThe predetermined schedule was strictly adhered to.
monthlyMy monthly schedule is jam-packed with appointments and tasks.
standardWe will follow the standard schedule this week.
continuousThe continuous schedule will continue until further notice.
structuredThe structured schedule helped me stay organized and on track.
feasibleWe should be able to meet the agreed-upon milestones based on the feasible schedule I prepared.
tentativeWe discussed the tentative schedule for the project in the meeting.
marginalThe marginal schedule shows the number of workers employed at each wage rate.
appropriateThe appropriate schedule was sent to the participants.
initialThe initial schedule for the meeting was set for 10 am.
routineThe team stuck to their routine schedule during the tournament.
aboveThe project is currently above schedule
multipleThe multiple schedule of reinforcement is a type of reinforcement schedule in which the reinforcer is not given after a specific number of responses or amount of time.
partialThe incoming storm only allowed a partial schedule of the games.
fourthThe fourth schedule must be completed by the employer.
gruelingThe team had a grueling schedule of practices and games.
minimumThe minimum schedule was not met due to unexpected delays.
reasonableThe team developed a reasonable schedule for the project.
annualThe annual schedule for the conference is now available.
realisticAlice managed to complete her project on time thanks to a realistic schedule
acceleratedWe had to work on an accelerated schedule to meet the deadline.
academicThe academic schedule for the upcoming semester has been released.
aggregateThe aggregate schedule is a plan that outlines the overall production schedule for a given period of time.
crowdedHer crowded schedule made it difficult to find time to relax.
progressiveThe project team worked on a progressive schedule to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
prearrangedWe had a prearranged schedule for our daily tasks.
irregularThe employee's irregular schedule made it difficult to plan social events.
exactI still don't know the exact schedule for tomorrow's meeting.
monthHere is your month schedule
preciseThe project is running on a precise schedule
uniformOur meetings have a uniform schedule with a weekly status update at 10 am.

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