Adjectives for School

Adjectives For School

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing school, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a school can significantly alter the meaning and emotion behind your sentence. Describing a school as high or elementary immediately brings to mind a specific age range and education level, while public or secondary can reveal the school's funding source or system placement. A medical school, on the other hand, specifies a highly focused type of education in the health field. Each adjective not only conveys basic information about the institution but also taps into societal perceptions and expectations of each educational level. Explore the full range of adjectives that add color and context to the schools we discuss, learn about, and attend.
highI'm a high school student.
elementaryThe children at the elementary school were excited for their field trip.
publicMy child goes to public school
secondaryShe started secondary school at the age of 11.
medicalI'm thinking about applying to medical school next year.
primaryThe children were excited to start primary school
oldMy father is an old school man.
privateMy son attends a private school in the city.
juniorI attended junior school in the town of Winchester.
middleI started going to middle school three years ago.
localThe local school was closed due to severe weather.
graduateI am planning to attend graduate school next year.
normalI went to normal school to get my teaching certificate.
afterSusan went to the mall after school
modernStudents in the modern school are using laptops and tablets for their studies.
englishI studied at an english school in London.
seniorMatthew's transition to senior school was challenging but also rewarding.
preparatoryShe attended a prestigious preparatory school before matriculating at an Ivy League university.
frenchI attended french school for three years.
ruralThe rural school was a one-room building with a wood stove for heat.
technicalI am enrolled in a technical school to learn about computer programming.
parochialMy children attended parochial school until they were in high school.
boardingMy son attends a boarding school in New England.
classicalThe classical school of economics emphasized the importance of free markets and individual liberty.
vocationalThe vocational school offered classes in carpentry, welding, and automotive repair.
grammarI went to grammar school in a small town.
yearShe is a year school student.
catholicThe Catholic school had a strict dress code.
famousHe graduated from a famous school
comprehensiveStudents from the comprehensive school gather at the town hall.
gradeI remember my days in grade school fondly.
dayJohn's day school is located near the park.
theologicalThe theological school has a long and rich history.
dentalThe dental school is located in the heart of the city.
romanticThe romantic school of painting emerged in the early 19th century.
residentialThe residential school system was a dark chapter in Canadian history.
latinI attended a rigorous Latin school with a focus on classical languages.
italianThe italian school is located in the center of the town.
calledThe parents called school to inquire about their child's progress.
sundayMy daughter enjoys going to Sunday school every week.

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