Adjectives for Schools

Adjectives For Schools

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing schools, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective can dramatically change the perception of 'schools.' Whether it's 'public' or 'private,' each term evokes different feelings, expectations, and societal views. 'Elementary' and 'primary' schools are often associated with foundational learning and childhood innocence, while 'secondary' and 'high' schools bring to mind adolescence and preparation for adulthood. Understanding the nuances between these adjectives can enrich discussions about education, policy, and personal experiences. Every adjective carries its own weight and implication, shaping the dialogue in subtle yet profound ways. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'schools' to navigate these complexities and expand your conversation.
publicPublic schools are an important part of our education system.
highThere are many high schools in the city.
secondaryMany secondary schools are offering online courses this year.
elementarySeveral elementary schools in the area were closed due to the storm.
privateStudents who attend private schools often have access to better resources and smaller class sizes.
primaryI remember primary schools were great fun for me.
medicalI wanted to do medical research, so I applied to multiple medical schools all over the US.
commonThe common schools in the town were closed due to Covid-19.
mostMost schools have a dress code.
ruralThe rural schools were struggling to stay afloat due to a lack of funding.
localThe local schools are organizing a fundraiser to support the community.
normalThe state legislature is considering funding for two new normal schools
americanAmerican schools are known for their rigorous academic programs.
specialI am going to visit one of the special schools in town.
parochialThe couple decided to send their children to parochial schools for their education.
freeParents are more likely to be satisfied with their child's education at free schools
technicalJohn attended two technical schools
professionalShe graduated from one of the professional schools in Michigan.
vocationalStudents can learn practical skills at vocational schools
separateThe state has decided to fund separate schools for boys and girls.
middleThere are many middle schools in our district.
higherI attended two different higher schools before graduating.
juniorThe headteacher of the junior schools was very strict.
englishThey are both graduates of prominent English schools
urbanThere are many urban schools that are struggling to provide a quality education to their students.
seniorThe students in the senior schools excelled in their exams.
independentIndependent schools offer smaller class sizes and personalized learning experiences.
catholicMy parents considered sending me to catholic schools
agriculturalAgricultural schools provide instruction in the science and practice of farming and related fields.
comprehensiveComprehensive schools offer a broad curriculum that caters to the diverse needs of students.
preparatoryStudents who attend preparatory schools often go on to attend prestigious universities.
denominationalThe state funds denominational schools in a few states.
chineseThe chinese schools are often very competitive.
smallerSmaller schools can provide more individualized attention to students.
philosophicalSocrates believed that the key to a virtuous life is asking questions and critically examining one's beliefs, a philosophy that would later be adopted by the philosophical schools of Plato and Aristotle.
theologicalResearch into pre-modern Christianity requires delving into the primary texts produced by theological schools
yearThe year schools open depends on each country's educational calendar.
voluntaryVoluntary schools also known as non-maintained schools, are independent schools that are not maintained by the local education authority.
accreditedMany universities offer degrees through their accredited schools
dayBoth day schools and boarding schools have their respective advantages.
graduateGraduate schools often offer scholarships to assist students with financial needs.
dentalThere are many dental schools in the United States.
mixedThe mixed schools brought students from different backgrounds together.
progressiveProgressive schools like to focus on developing the whole child.
protestantStudents at many Protestant schools wear uniforms.
infantThe children were all excited to start infant schools

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