Adjectives for Search

Adjectives For Search

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing search, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective can dramatically change the perception of the noun 'search.' A 'thorough search' implies no stone is left unturned, demonstrating depth and completeness. A 'careful search' suggests precision and caution, where every step is meticulously evaluated. Describing a search as 'long' evokes the duration and possibly the difficulty or extent of the effort involved. 'Diligent' and 'exhaustive' both underscore the intensity and exhaustive nature of the search, ensuring everything possible is checked. 'Further search' implies continuation, an ongoing quest for answers or solutions. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, transforming 'search' from a simple action to a rich narrative. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'search' to capture every nuance below.
thoroughA thorough search of the evidence revealed no incriminating information.
carefulHis careful search of the old house revealed some interesting secrets.
longThe long search finally came to an end.
diligentThe diligent search finally led to the discovery of the lost artifact.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive search for a solution took many hours.
furtherAfter further search the evidence was finally brought to light
systematicThe researchers carried out a systematic search of the literature to identify relevant studies.
fruitlessThey returned from their fruitless search for the missing hikers.
constantHe was in a constant search for a solution to his math problem.
visualVisual search allows you to use images to get information about the world around you.
localThe local search results showed me several nearby restaurants.
extensiveThey conducted an extensive search for the missing child.
desperateA desperate search through the rubble revealed no signs of life.
franticThe frantic search for survivors continued throughout the night.
vainThe vain search for the lost city ended with the discovery of ancient ruins.
activeThe team conducted an active search for new members.
intensiveThe police conducted an intensive search for the missing child.
quickI did a quick search on the internet to find the answer.
randomI'll perform a random search of the area.
sequentialSequential search is a simple and straightforward technique for finding a target value within an array.
successfulThe successful search for the missing child brought joy to the community.
futileThe futile search for the missing hiker ended with the discovery of his body.
unsuccessfulThe unsuccessful search yielded no results.
simpleI prefer to do a simple search for the most relevant results.
unreasonableThe police conducted an unreasonable search of the suspect's home without a warrant.
heuristicHeuristic search is a technique that uses a set of rules to find a solution to a problem.
initialThe initial search yielded no results.
endlessThe endless search for knowledge can be a lifelong journey.
onlineI used an online search to find the answer.
illegalThe police conducted an illegal search of the suspect's home.
linearThe linear search is used to find the index of an element in an array.
continuousThe team's continuous search for new talent led them to an impressive discovery.
spiritualHer spiritual search led her to a profound understanding of the universe.
tabuThe tabu search algorithm is a metaheuristic used to solve combinatorial optimization problems.
eagerThe eager search for the lost child continued throughout the night.
warrantlessThe police conducted a warrantless search of the suspect's home.
binaryI used binary search to find the element in the sorted array
subsequentThe subsequent search yielded no results.
globalThe global search bar allows you to search for anything.
restlessThe restless search for truth often leads to unexpected discoveries.
ongoingThe ongoing search for the missing hiker has yielded no results.
comprehensiveResearchers conducted a comprehensive search to find out the actual numbers.
basedYou can use a based search to find results that are related to a specific topic.
relentlessThe team's relentless search for victory paid off in the end.
directedThe directed search found the information I was looking for quickly.
continuedThe continued search for the missing hiker involved multiple agencies.
immediateWe need to do an immediate search for the missing child.
persistentThe persistent search for a new home continued for months.
anxiousThey engaged in an anxious search for the missing child.
intenseThe intense search for the missing hiker continued throughout the night without success.
efficientThe efficient search algorithm quickly located the desired information.
prolongedThe prolonged search led to the discovery of the missing child.
preliminaryA preliminary search of the area yielded no results.
detailedThe detailed search returned a list of potential matches.
deliberateHe conducted a deliberate search for the missing item.
briefAfter a brief search I found the document I was looking for.
earnestThe earnest search for a cure has been ongoing for decades.
vigorousThe police conducted a vigorous search for the missing child.
parallelWe conducted a parallel search of multiple databases to identify potential candidates.
geneticThe genetic search algorithm was used to optimize the parameters of the model.
manualWe need time to do a manual search for that information.
consciousThe conscious search for meaning is a common human endeavor.
patientThe patient search was extensive, but they could not find a match.
lifelongHis lifelong search for meaning led him to become a monk.
minuteThe team spent the next few days on a minute search of the area.
unlawfulThe police conducted an unlawful search of the suspect's home.
rigorousThe rigorous search for the missing child has been ongoing for days.

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