Adjectives for Season

Adjectives For Season

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing season, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives used with the word 'season' unveils a tapestry of sensory experiences and anticipations. Whether it's a 'rainy season' that conjures images of rejuvenating downpours or a 'dry season' that evokes the thirst of the earth for those first drops of rain, each adjective adds a unique shade to the picture. The excitement of the 'first season' of a series compared to the nostalgia of the 'last', or the preparation for the 'next', each creates a different anticipation or memory. The 'wet season' might bring to mind the lush, green landscapes that follow. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'season' and discover how each transforms it in its own special way.
rainyThe rainy season brought heavy downpours and flooding to the region.
dryThe dry season is the time of year when there is little or no rain.
firstI'm really looking forward to watching the first season of the new show.
nextI'm really looking forward to next season
wetThe wet season brought heavy rains and flooding to the region.
lastThe team went to the playoffs last season
dueThe seeds planted in due season yielded a rich harvest.
offThe amusement park was closed during the off season
hotThe hot season is approaching.
secondThe show's second season premiered last week.
longThe long season meant that the team had to play many games.
shortThe play has a short season
coldThe cold season is upon us, so be sure to bundle up.
previousI loved the previous season's premiere.
singleDespite a strong single season the player was not selected for the All-Star team.
busyThe busy season for accountants is approaching quickly.
regularThe team had a successful regular season finishing with a winning record.
wholeI enjoyed the beautiful views of the whole season
properIt is important to plant the seeds in the proper season to get a good harvest.
entireThey took up the entire season with one of the best football games in years.
openHunting season officially started yesterday, so it's now open season on deer.
warmThe warm season brought new life to the forest.
peakTourists flocked to the Florida beaches during peak season
fishingThe fishing season is upon us.
thirdI'm really looking forward to the third season of my favorite show.
pastI can't believe it's already the past season
nestingThe park is closed during nesting season for the safety of the birds.
slackMany businesses experience a slack season during the summer months.
briefThe warm glow of summer lasted only a brief season
convenientI will come to visit you at your most convenient season
currentThe current season is spring.
lateThe late season brought cold weather and snow.
badThe team had a bad season last year.
successfulThe team had a successful season and won the championship.
coolThe cool season is a time of year when the temperatures are lower and the days are shorter.
agriculturalThe agricultural season is from March to October.
closeThe close season for grouse shooting is from December 10th to August 11th.
closedThe hunting closed season begins in May.
festiveThe festive season is upon us and it is time to celebrate the joyous occasion.
shootingI missed the first day of shooting season because I was too busy.
inclementThe inclement season brought forth a torrent of rain and strong winds.
dormantThe trees enter a dormant season during the winter months.
fourthThe fourth season of the show was its most successful.
dullThe dull season was a time for reflection and planning.
deadThe mall goes through a dead season during the summer when people are away on vacations.
theatricalThe theatrical season opened with a bang last night.
sicklyDuring the sickly season the air hung heavy with the scent of disease.
favorableSummer vacation is a favorable season for outdoor activities.
hottestSummer is the hottest season of the year.
fifthThe fifth season had a torrential downpour, bringing relief to the parched land.
holyDuring the holy season people often reflect on their lives and make resolutions for the future.
leanFarmers struggled to make ends meet during the lean season as crop yields were low and prices were depressed.
kharifFarmers prepare their fields in the kharif season
irrigationThe irrigation season has begun in the Central Valley of California.
worstThe worst season is winter.
longerThe team had a longer season than expected.
winningThe team had a winning season last year.
racingThe thrill of the racing season was at its peak.
busiestThe holidays are typically the busiest season for retail.
reproductiveFemale sheep are only receptive during their reproductive season
weekIt's week season so the resort is packed with tourists.
stormyThe stormy season brought heavy rains and strong winds.
pleasantThe warmth and sunshine make this a pleasant season to be outdoors.
seniorThe seniors on the football team are preparing for their senior season
favoriteMy favorite season is autumn.

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