Adjectives for Sec

Adjectives For Sec

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sec, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe sec can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, offering a new perspective on time, confidentiality, or hierarchy. Describing something as the first sec emphasizes its pioneering or initial nature, while new sec suggests recent developments or freshness. The former sec, on the other hand, refers to something that was once relevant but no longer is, hinting at a passage of time. A private sec might convey exclusivity or confidentiality, whereas sub sec indicates a subset or a lower rank. Lastly, last sec denotes finality or an ending. Each adjective introduces its own shade of meaning, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of possibilities.
firstMy first sec was in the morning.
newThey thought new sec was awesome.
formerThe former sec of transportation proposed a new policy.
private"He works on a private sec."
subThe response was under 2 sub sec
lastHe scored with one last sec on the clock.
nextNext sec she was gone.
tripleAdd a dash of triple sec to the margarita for a sweeter flavor.
additionalHe was given additional sec to make his escape
presentThis present sec is so beautiful!
averageThe average sec of the website is 10.2 seconds.
dryI'll have a dry sec martini, please.
thirdThe third sec is needed to ensure the network is stable.
definitionsI have no definition for "definitions sec".
originalAn original second-hand car is hard to find these days.
netThe net sec team is responsible for the security of the network.
shortWait a short sec
furtherI would just like to add a further sec onto that.
currentThe current sec is 12 seconds.
titleThe title sec is a term used to describe the section of a document that contains the title and other identifying information.
initialThe initial section of the book was quite interesting.
partThe part sec of the project was completed last week.
calThe cal sec was very helpful.
subpartSec 100.247.1 of subpart sec holds the exemplary circumstances for LATE TEST RESULTS REPORTING, SUMMARY OF FINDINGS AND CORRECTIVE ACTIONS.
nearestI'll be there in the nearest sec
previousThe previous sec was very good.
noisyThe noisy sec filled the air with a cacophony of sound.
cm2The falling speed of the object was 9.8 cm2 sec
berzyMy brain goes berzy sec when I see a spider.
brusqueThe brusque sec made his intentions clear.
dueDue sec I'm almost done.
priorThe prior sec president's speech was inspiring.
thinI like to use thin sec to measure the thickness of my hair.
foregoingNo one has traversed the foregoing section of this swamp, which is why it is so overgrown.
curtCurt sec when the Reaper calls your name.
miscellaneousWe need to file the miscellaneous sec report by the end of the week.
1stIt took only the 1st sec for the water to boil.
correspondingThe corresponding sec was appointed by the Head of the Government.
4thTheir 4th sec record secured them a place in the regional finals.
5-10The process will start in 5-10 sec.
penaltiesDue to various penalties sec Mr. Johnson is not able to vote in the elections.
5thShe was 5th sec late
obeObe sec in the front yard.
sixthThe plane landed within the sixth sec of its expected arrival time.
reciprocalThe reciprocal sec is a function that computes the reciprocal of the secant of a given angle.
aboveHis prediction was proven correct above sec

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