Adjectives for Seconds

Adjectives For Seconds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing seconds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'seconds' can drastically alter the perception of time's passage and its significance. A 'few seconds' may imply a brief moment, highlighting its insignificance or fleeting nature, while 'several seconds' suggests a slightly longer duration, possibly requiring patience. 'Last seconds' evoke a sense of urgency or finality, often found in dramatic contexts. Conversely, 'next seconds' look forward, imbued with anticipation or anxiety about the immediate future. 'Only seconds' emphasizes the remarkable brevity of an event, and 'full seconds' can imply a complete, unbroken experience of time. Each adjective shades the noun with unique connotations, inviting readers to explore the subtleties of time – its waiting, its passing, and its ending. Discover the full range of adjectives for 'seconds' below.
fewI waited for a few seconds
severalThe computer took several seconds to boot up.
lastThe winning goal was scored in the last seconds of the game.
nextThe criminal sped away in his car, and the police were hot on his heels next seconds
onlyThe race was close, with only seconds separating the winner from the loser.
fullThe rocket lifted off at 10 full seconds after the countdown ended.
finalThe runner gave his final seconds to a vicious push forward.
mereThe car accelerated from 0 to 60 miles per hour in mere seconds
briefShe scanned the room in brief seconds
extraShe gave us a few extra seconds to prepare for the test.
wattThe camera flash has a power output of 100 watt seconds
oneThis operation took one seconds
lastingThe experience was over in just lasting seconds
arcThe star's position has shifted by a few arc seconds since its discovery.
silentThe silent seconds ticked by slowly.
fleetingThe fleeting seconds flew by, leaving a bittersweet memory in their wake.
consecutiveThey talked for three consecutive seconds
thirtyCan you be ready in thirty seconds?
milliampereThe flash lasted for several milliampere seconds
endlessThe endless seconds dragged on as he waited for the news.
scantThe scant seconds ticked away before the explosion.
footThe runner finished the race in 10 foot seconds
splitThe thief acted in split seconds snatching the necklace and disappearing without a trace.
reciprocalThe frequency of a wave is measured in reciprocal seconds
sloppyI'm not interested in sloppy seconds thanks.
agonizingHis heart pounded in his chest as the agonizing seconds ticked by.
interminableThe interminable seconds ticked by slowly, each one a small eternity.
longestThe last hundred longest seconds ticked by ever so slowly.
milliThe action completed in a few milli seconds
breathlessTime seemed to slow down in breathless seconds as I waited for the result.
awkwardThe awkward seconds that followed felt like an eternity.
uncomfortableThe uncomfortable seconds passed as if they were hours.
microThe experiment lasted only a few micro seconds
anxiousThose anxious seconds seemed to stretch into an eternity.
poundThe lunar module is rated at 300,000 pound seconds which gives the astronauts plenty of time to use their RCS thrusters.

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