Adjectives for Section

Adjectives For Section

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing section, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Adding adjectives to the noun 'section' significantly alters its meaning, providing nuanced distinctions that can enhance any piece of writing. Whether referring to the 'next section' in a process, exploring a 'cross section' of society, or reminiscing about the 'previous section' of a journey, each adjective serves to specify and illuminate. From the 'first section' that sets the stage, to the 'last section' that rounds off a narrative, and not forgetting the 'second section' that builds on the foundation, the right adjective not only positions a section in sequence but also enriches its context and relevance. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'section' to fully capture its potential in your writing.
nextTurn to the next section to learn more about this topic.
crossThe cross section of the wire is very small.
previousPlease refer to the previous section for more information.
firstThe first section of the book introduces the main characters.
lastThis book has three main sections, the last section covers the history of the area.
secondThe second section of the book details the author's travels.
finalThe final section of the report contains a comprehensive summary of the findings.
thirdThe third section of the book is the most interesting.
longitudinalA longitudinal section is a two-dimensional slice of an organ or tissue that is produced by cutting along its length.
laterI will talk about the details of this feature in the later section
subPlease read the last sub section of the document.
verticalShe cut a vertical section from the tree to examine the growth rings.
presentVisit the present section for the latest products.
middleThe middle section of the book was the most interesting.
thinThe thin section of the rock revealed its intricate mineral composition.
separateThe report is divided into separate sections.
fourthThe fourth section of the report was the most detailed.
entireThe entire section was filled with people.
centralThe central section of the city is home to many historic buildings.
lowerThe lower section of the building had a higher occupancy rate.
horizontalThe horizontal section of the rock formation was exposed by erosion.
sagittalThe sagittal section of the brain is a cut that is made down the middle of the brain.
circularThe pipe has a circular section
earlierThe earlier section discussed the importance of sustainability.
upperWe are going to the upper section of the stadium.
cesareanThe cesarean section was successful, and the baby was born healthy.
subsequentThe subsequent section will provide more information on the topic.
northernThe northern section of the country is known for its beautiful mountains.
caesareanThe mother requested a caesarean section due to medical complications.
criticalThe critical section allows only one thread to execute the code at any given time.
introductoryThe introductory section of the document provided a brief overview of the topic.
easternThe eastern section of the city is home to many historical landmarks.
southernThe southern section of the city is known for its beautiful parks.
fifthThe fifth section of the book is the most interesting.
diagrammaticThe diagrammatic section detailed the functioning of the apparatus.
topThe top section of the painting is a vibrant blue.
typicalThe typical section of the spinal cord has a central canal, two dorsal horns, two ventral horns, two intermediate zones and a white matter surrounding it.
coronalThe coronal section of the brain shows the cingulate gyrus.
abovePlease refer to the above section for more details.
differentialThe differential section is a section of a manifold that is homeomorphic to the unit ball in the tangent space.
frozenThe frozen section of the supermarket was filled with delicious treats.
schematicThe schematic section of the building shows the different parts of the building and how they are connected.
briefWe'll only cover the brief section on advanced topics.
medianThe median section is the middle value within a given dataset.
foregoingThe foregoing section outlines the company's financial performance.
residentialThe residential section of the city is located in the west.
frontStore the front section in a separate box.
correspondingHe interrupted her at the corresponding section
bottomThe bottom section of the page contains the contact information.
relevantPlease see the relevant section in our vendor contract.
netAccording to the curved surface method, the continuous perimeter and the net section of the shear plane are to be considered.
frontalThe frontal section* of the skull shows a number of anatomical features that are used in forensic identification.
thickThe thick section of the rock contained many fossils.
tangentialThe tangential sections of the solid were analyzed.
sixthThe sixth section of the document contains the financial statements.
triangularThe triangular section of the cake was cut into three equal pieces.
shapedThe beam is made of a thin, shaped section
abdominalThe doctor performed an abdominal section on the patient to remove the tumor.

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