Adjectives for Sections

Adjectives For Sections

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sections, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe sections can dramatically alter the perception of your message. Whether you're discussing different viewpoints, revisiting previous data, integrating various methodologies, crossing cross sections of society, preparing for the next chapter, or analyzing thin slices of information, each adjective conveys a unique shade of meaning and intent. The precision in your adjective choice not only enhances readability but also enriches the narrative with a clearer, more vivid picture. Dive deeper into how these adjectives unfold new dimensions to the noun 'sections' in the full list displayed below.
differentStudents were given different sections of the book to work on.
previousIn previous sections we discussed the importance of understanding your target audience.
variousThe article was divided into various sections covering different aspects of the topic.
crossThe cross sections of the two perpendicular circles are perpendicular lines.
nextSee the next sections for more information.
thinThe thin sections revealed that the rock was a metamorphosed sandstone.
largeThe forest had large sections of cleared land.
certainThey closed certain sections of the road due to construction.
severalThe spacious house was divided into several sections
subsequentThe subsequent sections provide more detailed information about the topic.
laterNevertheless, later sections of this manual can assist with constructing filters that locate any certificate, regardless of the status.
mainThe report is divided into three main sections introduction, methodology, and results.
separateThis house is divided into separate sections each with a different purpose.
majorThe research paper's major sections include an introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.
weakerThe government should provide special assistance to the weaker sections of society.
earlierIn earlier sections we discussed the importance of establishing clear goals and objectives.
longitudinalThe patients were scanned using longitudinal sections of high-resolution CT data to accurately measure the distance between the medial epicondyle and the posterior femoral condyle.
serialSerial sections are a sequence of thin tissue slices cut from a block of tissue in a specific order.
subThe article has several sub sections
frozenThe pathologist examined the frozen sections
verticalVertical sections of the samples were stained with hematoxylin and eosin.
conicThe conic sections are a family of curves that include the circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola.
shortThese short sections are easy to read.
relevantPlease see the relevant sections for more details.
thickThe thick sections of the book were difficult to read.
poorerThe poorer sections of society are often hit the hardest by economic downturns.
histologicalThe histological sections revealed a normal architecture of the tissue.
appropriateThe document contains appropriate sections for the topic.
equalThe cake was cut into equal sections
horizontalWe built a large composite concrete beam in horizontal sections
histologicThe diagnosis was confirmed on histologic sections from biopsy.
criticalThe key to efficient parallel programming is avoiding conflicts in critical sections
ruralThe rural sections of the state have a lower population density than the urban areas.
distinctThe exhibit was divided into several distinct sections
microscopicThe microscopic sections of the tissue were analyzed under a microscope.
adjacentThe two adjacent sections of the city are very different from each other in terms of their culture and economy.
smallerThe project was divided into smaller sections for easier management.
foregoingLet us be clear about the following points. The foregoing sections are not meant to provide.
stainedThe stained sections were examined under a microscope.
northernThe northern sections of the country are experiencing a cold front.
rectangularThe walls were made of concrete blocks with rectangular sections
respectiveMake sure your references are structured according to their respective sections
correspondingThe corresponding sections of the agreement are attached for your review
circularThe tubes were cut into circular sections before being welded together.
sagittalThe human brain was cut into three sagittal sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and imaged at high resolution by a scanner.
residentialThere are many residential sections in our town
coronalThe coronal sections showed a large fluid-filled cavity surrounded by enhancing tissue.
multipleThe book has multiple sections
differentialThe differential sections of the manifold are used to calculate the curvature tensor.
straightThe road had several straight sections
successiveThe successive sections of the report detailed the company's performance over the past year.
polishedThe potter carefully examined the polished sections of his ceramic creations
abovePlease see the above sections for more information.
alternateThe drivers were asked to travel through alternate sections of the city.
easternThe eastern sections of the country are experiencing heavy rainfall.
stratigraphicStratigraphic sections provide a record of the Earth's history.
parallelParallel sections of walls lined the narrow alleys.

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