Adjectives for Security

Adjectives For Security

Explore our comprehensive guide on adjectives for security, including social, national, economic, and collective. Our resource offers in-depth insights and examples to enhance your understanding of the diverse contexts in which 'security' is used. Perfect for educators, students, and professionals seeking to enrich their language and conceptual grasp of security-related topics.

socialHe is receiving social security benefits.
nationalThe government cited national security as the reason for the raid.
economicEconomic security is the ability of individuals or households to meet their basic needs and protect themselves from financial hardship.
collectiveCollective security is an arrangement where nations agree to defend one another against attack.
greaterWe need to implement greater security measures to protect our data.
personalPersonal security is of utmost importance for individuals and communities.
internalThe government has introduced new measures to improve internal security
physicalPhysical security is the protection of assets against unauthorized access, use, or damage.
publicPublic security is a top priority for the government.
militaryThe team provided military security for the summit.
internationalThe United Nations Security Council is the international security body responsible for maintaining international peace and security.
europeanEuropean security is a complex and multifaceted issue.
additionalThe company decided to implement additional security measures at their main entrance.
emotionalEmotional security is my priority.
collateralThe bank required collateral security before approving the loan.
regionalThe country's foreign policy prioritizes regional security and non-interference.
futureEnsuring future security depends on safeguarding data and assets from potential risks.
betterWe need better security measures to protect our data.
bestThe building is protected by the best security
sufficientThe organization has sufficient security measures in place to protect sensitive data.
absoluteThe absolute security of the system was not guaranteed.
relativeThe prisoners guarded the perimeter with relative security
completeThey traveled in complete security their passports and visas in order.
globalGlobal security is a complex and evolving issue that affects all nations.
maximumThe maximum security prison housed the most dangerous criminals in the country.
externalThe external security audit identified several vulnerabilities in the system.
termBy implementing certain term security strategies, companies can enhance their cybersecurity posture.
mutualThe cornerstone of their relationship was mutual security
domesticDomestic security measures have increased substantially in recent years.
environmentalEnvironmental security is a critical issue that requires immediate attention to address the negative impacts of environmental degradation on human society.
tightThe event was held under tight security
lessThe company has decided to implement less security measures.
comparativeThe company offers comparative security for the employees.
reasonableThe company takes reasonable security measures to protect your personal information.
underlyingThe underlying security for the convertible bond is a portfolio of stocks.
levelThe company prides itself on its top-level security systems.
innerShe felt a profound sense of inner security and contentment.
psychologicalPsychological security is the feeling of being safe and supported in one's work environment.
extraThe store implemented extra security measures to prevent theft.
ampleThe spacious mansion had ample security with multiple cameras and armed guards patrolling the perimeter.
overallThe company invested heavily in its overall security
fanciedThe strong wind threatened to blow away the roof, shaking the house with fancied security
sovietThe Soviet security forces were very effective in suppressing dissent.
permanentPermanent security can only be achieved through a collective effort.
comprehensiveThe company has taken comprehensive security measures to protect its data.
ultimateThe ultimate security system kept the vault safe from any threats.
cooperativeCooperative security refers to a strategy in international relations that involves states working together to prevent conflict and promote peace.
asianAsian security is a topic of major concern for many countries in the region.
ontologicalIndividuals with ontological security are more likely to have a positive sense of self.
ageAge security is a type of government assistance that provides financial support to elderly people.
eternalEternal security ensures salvation remains intact despite personal sins and mistakes.
convertibleThe convertible security can be converted into common stock at a fixed ratio.
apparentDespite the apparent security the system was easily hacked.

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