Adjectives for Seeking

Adjectives For Seeking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing seeking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The art of seeking is rich and varied, colored vividly by the adjectives that precede it. Whether one is pursuing personal growth, finding a home, or on a quest for deeper meaning, the choice of descriptor radically alters the journey's nature. Self-seeking implies a journey inward for personal gain, while rent-seeking suggests a more material pursuit related to property. Own-seeking might hint at a quest for autonomy, and spiritual-seeking elevates the search to a higher plane of enlightenment. Meanwhile, worth-seeking and active-seeking speak to the values we hold dear and the vigorous efforts we put forth in our quests. Explore the full spectrum of nuances these adjectives bring to the act of seeking below.
ownHe was the author of his own seeking
spiritualMy spiritual seeking has led me down a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.
worthThe knowledge is worth seeking
statusThe politician's constant status seeking was off-putting to voters.
muchWith much seeking she found the elusive flower.
individualThe individual seeking a new challenge is well-suited for this role.
powerThe politician's power seeking was evident in his manipulative tactics.
mereMere seeking after approval will not bring you lasting happiness.
constantHer constant seeking of knowledge led her to a lifetime of learning and discovery.
earnestHis earnest seeking had finally reached a point of desperation.
goldThe gold seeking miner ventured into the mountains.
approvalHer approval seeking behavior was evident in all her interactions with her colleagues.
goalI am using goal seeking to calculate the target value.
consciousSarah's conscious seeking of self-improvement led her to numerous workshops.
stimulationPeople high on stimulation seeking are more likely to engage in risky behaviors.
deliberateThe researchers conducted a deliberate seeking of information to better understand the patient's condition.
restless"Restless seeking" led him into dangerous territory.
religiousThe monk embraced his solitude and embarked on a journey of religious seeking
honestHer honest seeking helped her make the right decision.
southThe south seeking pole of a magnet points toward the Earth's geographic south pole.
jobShe has been job seeking for months now.
truthHer relentless truth seeking never failed to uncover the hidden facts.
perpetualIn the perpetual seeking of knowledge, we find enlightenment.
healthShe engaged in health seeking behavior to improve her well-being.
selfishSelfish seeking often leads to isolation and loneliness.
persistentDespite persistent seeking the fugitive remains elusive.
lessAll the less seeking the more peace of mind.
aggressiveHe displayed aggressive seeking for a seat on the board.
continualHer continual seeking for knowledge inspired her students.
unproductiveUnproductive seeking can lead to wasted time and energy.
visualThe child exhibited increased visual seeking behaviors during the assessment.
endlessHis endless seeking for knowledge had led him to the far corners of the world.
generousThe generous seeking of knowledge was a noble pursuit.
godThe god seeking man spent his whole life in the mountains.
treatmentTreatment seeking is an important indicator of mental health status.
endThe end seeking behavior of the program caused it to run endlessly.
interestA written agreement that outlines each party's interest seeking was drafted yesterday.
diligentHer diligent seeking led her to find the lost manuscript.
ambitiousThe ambitious seeking of wealth and power often leads to corruption.
consensusThe team made every effort to make a consensus seeking decision at the meeting.
loftyThe lofty seeking of enlightenment often leads to unexpected discoveries.
psychiatricThe patient's psychiatric seeking was prompted by feelings of depression and anxiety.
fortuneThe man was in search of a fortune seeking merchant.
voluntaryThe voluntary seeking of information is an important aspect of human learning.
feedbackThe manager's feedback seeking was designed to improve employee performance.
noveltyDespite a preference for novelty seeking the program failed to deliver anything new or exciting.
vainHe lived in vain seeking distraction from the memories that plagued him day and night.
extraordinaryHis extraordinary seeking for knowledge led him to explore uncharted territories.
continuousContinuous seeking for knowledge is a lifelong pursuit.
heatThe military used heat seeking missiles to target enemy aircraft.
strategicThe company's strategic seeking of new markets led to its rapid growth.

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