Adjectives for Seller

Adjectives For Seller

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing seller, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a seller can paint a vivid picture of their qualities, situation, or behavior. A best often implies top-notch service and trustworthiness, while an unpaid seller might evoke sympathy or concern for their circumstances. Describing someone as a single seller could highlight their independent nature or sole responsibility. A short seller, in finance, suggests speculation on declining stock prices, whereas labeling someone a willing seller indicates readiness to negotiate. The unique sausage seller, perhaps, brings humor or peculiarity into the mix, showcasing the seller's niche market. Each adjective unearths a layer of meaning, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of sellers. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover more nuanced portrayals below.
bestThe book became an instant best seller
unpaidThe unpaid seller had the right to reclaim the goods.
singleThe market is characterised by a single seller and many buyers.
shortThe short seller borrowed shares of the company's stock and sold them, betting that the price would fall.
willingThe willing seller sold his house for a profit.
sausageThe sausage seller had a great day at the market.
bigThis product turned out to be a big seller generating over $1 million in revenue.
individualThe individual seller managed to sell the rare baseball card for a record-breaking price.
originalShe told the police that the original seller of the car had been a young man named John.
ticketThe ticket seller quickly calculated the total cost for the family's movie tickets.
biggestThat vacuum has been our biggest seller lately.
immediateThe immediate seller of the house was a real estate agent.
topThis product is a top seller
largestThe book is a largest seller
flowerThe flower seller arranged the colorful blooms with great care.
internationalI bought this product from an international seller on eBay.
potentialThe potential seller offered a discount to the interested buyer.
conditionalThe conditional seller agreed to the terms of the sale.
runawayThe book was a runaway seller with over a million copies sold in its first year.
millionThe album was a commercial success, selling over a million copies and becoming a million seller
prospectiveThe prospective seller agreed to share ownership of the property.
liquorThe liquor seller was caught selling alcohol to minors.
musicThe music seller had a wide variety of records for sale.
motivatedThe motivated seller is eager to close the deal quickly.
competitiveShe is a competitive seller who always tries to get the best price for her products.
retailThe retail seller offered a discount on all items purchased in the store.
timeThe time seller traveled through the cosmos, offering moments for a price.
leatherThe leather seller had a wide variety of hides to choose from.
netJohn is the net seller of this project.
soleThe copyright holder is the sole seller of this book.
bookI bought a book from the book seller
steadyThe product has been a steady seller in the market for years.
hugeThe book was a huge seller selling over a million copies.
itinerantThe itinerant seller walked from town to town, selling his wares.
successfulThe successful seller provided excellent customer service.
hotThis product is a hot seller
latestThe latest seller of the product was John.
streetThe street seller was hawking his wares at the top of his lungs.
dueThe due seller has not been paid yet.
marginalThe marginal seller is the supplier who bears the highest cost of production.
perennialThe novel turned out to be a perennial seller
producerThe producer seller has a wide variety of products to choose from.
sweetThe sweet seller sold his sugary treats to the children.
birdThe bird seller was singing a cheerful tune as he sold his feathered friends.
onlineMy preferred online seller is eBay.
orangeThe orange seller was very friendly and helpful.
remoteThe remote seller offered a discount on bulk orders.
newspaperThe newspaper seller shouted the headlines to attract customers.
sensationalThe sensational seller managed to close the deal despite the challenges.
slopThe slop seller sloshed the swill carelessly.
lemonadeThe lemonade seller was doing well on a hot day.
aggrievedThe aggrieved seller demanded compensation for the breach of contract.
stateThe state seller is responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax.
worldwideThe company became a worldwide seller of personal computers.
monopolistA monopolist seller typically sets a price that maximizes its profit.
honestThe honest seller gave me a full refund.

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