Adjectives for Sellers

Adjectives For Sellers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sellers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe sellers can vastly alter the perception of their capabilities and numbers. Words like best and top imbue a sense of unparalleled quality and trustworthiness, suggesting that these sellers stand out in their field. Conversely, adjectives such as many or few focus on the quantity, offering insight into the market's saturation or scarcity. Short and most can hint at a limited availability or a dominating presence, respectively, providing a nuanced understanding of the sellers' market dynamics. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color and clarity to conversations about sellers below.
bestThose books are best sellers
manyThere are many sellers in the market.
shortShort sellers profited handsomely from the recent market downturn.
fewThere were few sellers in the market today.
topBooks and movies are the top sellers in the store.
bigThese products are big sellers and must not be missed.
potentialWe will keep a record of potential sellers who participated in the reverse auction.
individualIndividual sellers on eBay are often small businesses or individuals who sell items they no longer need.
willingThe willing sellers were happy to negotiate a fair price.
flowerThe flower sellers were busy preparing their bouquets for the morning market.
streetStreet sellers were found to be selling fake goods.
netAsian markets finished as net sellers of $866 million in November.
foreignForeign sellers accounted for a significant portion of the market's sales.
biggestThe biggest sellers were the books by the famous author.
directSeveral direct sellers are targeting the senior citizens
rivalThe rival sellers competed fiercely to win the customer’s business.
liquorWent to the house of joy and chatted with liquor sellers
privatePrivate sellers are often willing to negotiate prices.
retailRetail sellers offer a wide range of products.
prospectiveProspective sellers are often eager to showcase their properties.
largestThe book is one of the largest sellers in the US.
ticketThe ticket sellers were overwhelmed by the large crowd.
motivatedThe motivated sellers are eager to close the deal as soon as possible.
producerProducer sellers make up the majority of the market.
successfulSuccessful sellers know their products inside out.
competitiveCompetitive sellers frequently monitor the market to keep up with the latest trends and adjust their pricing accordingly.
numerousNumerous sellers lined up at the market, offering a wide variety of goods.
independentIndependent sellers can set their own prices and promotions.
itinerantThe itinerant sellers wander from town to town, offering their wares to the locals.
slowThe slow sellers were discounted to make room for the new inventory.
timeThe time sellers were pedaling their wares at an alarming rate.
steadyThese five products are among our steady sellers so you can never go wrong with them.
hotThese hot sellers are selling fast!
onlineOnline sellers need to ensure their websites are secure and user-friendly.
multipleMultiple sellers are offering discounts on a variety of products.
musicThe music sellers were eagerly awaiting the release of the new album.
remoteRemote sellers are businesses that sell products or services to customers over the internet or through other non-traditional channels.
leatherThe leather sellers offered a wide variety of hides and skins.
eagerThe eager sellers were working hard to close the deal.
grogThe grog sellers were doing a brisk business that night.
monopolisticMonopolistic sellers have the power to set prices and quantities in a market.
slopThe slop sellers had a brisk trade that day.
fewerThere are fewer sellers in the market due to the economic downturn.
marginalThe village is located at the marginal sellers of the Southern Fens.
illegalThe police are cracking down on illegal sellers in the area.
millionThe band's latest album has sold millions of copies, making it one of the biggest million sellers of the year.
newspaperThe newspaper sellers were shouting about the latest news.
weakThe weak sellers were unable to meet the high demand for the product.
latestThe latest sellers have been very successful in their sales.
consistentConsistent sellers have been the backbone of many successful businesses.
waterThe water sellers were hawking their wares in the hot sun.

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