Adjectives for Selling

Adjectives For Selling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing selling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe selling can profoundly impact the perception of your message. A personal selling approach can convey a sense of individual attention and care, making the customer feel valued. On the other hand, short selling strategies highlight brevity and efficiency, appealing to those with limited time. Emphasizing a direct method can suggest straightforwardness and honesty, while claiming the best selling points can instill confidence in the product's superiority. Retail selling focuses on end-user transactions, differentiating from wholesale methods. Likewise, cross selling introduces complementary products, enhancing customer experience. To explore the full spectrum of nuances that different adjectives bring to the concept of selling, delve into our comprehensive list below.
personalPersonal selling involves one-on-one interactions between a salesperson and a potential customer.
shortInvestors who engage in short selling borrow shares of a stock in the hope of profiting from a decline in its price.
directDirect selling is a method of marketing in which the seller interacts with the customer directly.
bestThe latest best selling book is a must-read for all science fiction fans.
retailShe is working in retail selling
successfulSuccessful selling requires a deep understanding of customer needs and strategic marketing efforts.
actualThe actual selling price of the house was lower than expected.
aggressiveWe need to improve our sales strategy to avoid aggressive selling
doorDirectly following would be door selling which is a more personal and tailor-made approach to sales.
effectiveEffective selling requires a deep understanding of the customer's needs and a tailored approach to meet those needs.
heavyThe salesperson used heavy selling tactics to persuade the customer.
creativeThe company's creative selling techniques enabled them to generate remarkable profits.
worthThe painting was worth selling
consultativeConsultative selling is a sales approach that focuses on understanding the customer's needs and developing solutions that meet those needs.
pressureThe salesperson used pressure selling tactics to force me into buying the car.
competitiveThe company is looking for a sales professional with experience in competitive selling
liquorThe liquor selling was brisk in the evening.
hardI'm not interested in hard selling
cooperativeThe real estate agents adopted a cooperative selling approach to market the property.
illegalIllegal selling of firearms is a serious crime.
wholesaleBefore finding a distributor, be sure to weigh the benefits of wholesale selling
professionalThe professional selling course taught me the fundamentals of sales and how to build relationships with clients.
variableThe company's variable selling expenses are expected to increase by 5% in the next quarter.
orderThe company increased order selling to meet the growing demand.
industrialIndustrial selling requires a comprehensive understanding of the customer's business and technical needs.
installmentInstallment selling allows customers to purchase goods and services over time with regular payments.
faceHe tried face selling to gain customers.
onlineOnline selling has become increasingly popular in recent years.
selectiveSelective selling is a strategy in which a company chooses to sell its products or services to specific customers based on certain criteria.
largestThis is the largest selling record of all time.
bookThe bookstore was crowded with people book selling and browsing.
firmI have a firm selling my house in the next month.
massThe success of the business was based on mass selling in the local area.
activeThe salesperson's active selling approach helped her close the deal quickly.
grogI went to the tavern for a pint and saw they were grog selling
jointThe company's joint selling approach has proven successful in increasing sales.
operativeThe sales team focuses on providing value and solutions to customers, rather than solely on making a sale, in a process known as operative selling
automaticThe automatic selling machine dispensed a can of soda.
collectiveThe farmers adopted collective selling to get better prices for their produce.
babyThe police uncovered a baby selling ring that operated in several states.
fixedThe store offers fixed selling prices.
overThe salesperson was over selling the product, promising features that it didn't have.
topThis blender model is our top selling appliance.
slowWe've been having trouble getting rid of the slow selling items in our store.
basedTodd partners with tech vendors who offer a wide range of based selling solutions.
speculativeThe company's stock prices rose due to speculative selling
outsideThe company's outside selling force has been very successful in generating new accounts.
indirectOur indirect selling strategy focuses on building relationships with influencers and industry partners to generate leads.
scaleScale selling is a sales technique that focuses on the benefits of purchasing a product or service in large quantities.
busyThe shopkeeper was busy selling fruits and vegetables.
illicitThe police had cracked down on the illicit selling of alcohol in the area.
intensiveThe company's intensive selling efforts resulted in a significant increase in sales.
efficientThe sales team's efficient selling strategies led to record-breaking profits.
massiveMassive selling was seen in the markets yesterday.
streetStreet selling is prohibited in this area.
consignmentThe store specializes in consignment selling of used furniture.
biggestThe biggest selling car in America is the Ford F-Series.
exclusiveThe company's policy allows for exclusive selling rights to its distributors.
missionaryMissionary selling involves building a relationship with the customer.
hastyThe hasty selling of the house resulted in a significant financial loss for the owners.
mailThe company is a leader in mail selling of home furnishings.
underThe company has been under selling its products for years.
lossThe company was forced to resort to loss selling in order to clear out its excess inventory.

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