Adjectives for Sent

Adjectives For Sent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'sent' can significantly alter the perception of your message. A 'haughty sent' message carries a completely different air than an 'ambient sent' one, which might invoke a more atmospheric or mood-setting vibe. Similarly, the stark functionality of a 'first sent' message contrasts with the expertise suggested by a 'pro sent' note. Adjectives like 'date sent' and 'heaven sent' introduce temporal and divine qualities, respectively, showcasing the versatile ways in which our communications are interpreted. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to truly capture the essence of your 'sent' messages.
haughtyWith a haughty sent he ignored her greeting.
dateThe date sent for the invoice was last Friday.
ambientThe ambient sent created a sense of unease.
firstThe first sent of the match went to the Red Sox.
proThe lawyer pro sent the document to the client.
heavenHer smile was like a ray of sunshine, a heaven sent blessing that filled the darkest corners of his heart with light and warmth.
angryThe angry sent a letter to the editor.
godGod sent his only son to die for our sins.
proverbsProverbs sent a warning about the dangers of laziness.
mightyThe mighty sent the soldiers to battle.
illThe ill sent letter was never received.
secondThis is the second sent
chineseThe Chinese sent troops to the border.
officialThe official sent a letter to the company.
moralHer moral sent her screaming from the room in terror.
psalmsThe psalms sent a message of hope and faith to the people.
unbodiedThe flowing river carried an unbodied sent of the world it traversed.
haughtieThe haughtie sent his minions after him.
originalWe needed an original sent so we created this one.
handShe hand sent the letter to her pen pal as a surprise.
burlyThe burly sent shivers down the spine.
dewThe dew sent shivers down her spine as she walked through the dark forest.
6thIt was about the 6th sent
anonymousI received an anonymous sent from him.
majestyHer Majesty sent a letter to the President.
accountableThe employee is accountable sent for his behavior.
simpleThe simple sent is a type of sentence that has a single independent clause.
circularThe circular sent was winding around the tree.
lettersI received a few letters sent from my friend.
variableThe variable sent is an important part of the experiment.
insolentThe insolent sent came late and left early.
fireThe fire sent a wave of heat across the room.
fairThe umpire's fair sent signaled the end of the match.
ecclesiastesEcclesiastes sent his words to the people as a warning from God.
moistThe moist sent of freshly baked bread filled the air.
fourthThe fourth sent is approaching.
materialThe material sent by the client was insufficient.
dayTheir hands were locked together, and the safest day sent them ashore.
deadThe body was found dead sent to the morgue.
favouriteThe boy went to eat his favourite sent
mailThe mail sent by the postman was delivered before the deadline.
letterThe letter sent on Friday arrived this morning.

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