Adjectives for Sequence

Adjectives For Sequence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sequence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'sequence' is often accompanied by adjectives that unveil a broad spectrum of meaning, each adding a unique shade of interpretation. When describing a 'sequence', using adjectives like 'acid', 'same', 'logical', 'following', and 'complete', navigates us through the realms of science, mathematics, and narration. The adjective 'acid' may hint at a specific, often chemical, sequence, whereas 'same' emphasizes repetition or uniformity. 'Logical' implies an orderly progression, essential in coding or argumentation. 'Following' and 'complete' indicate temporal or qualitative completeness, respectively. Choosing the right adjective can dramatically change the perception of the 'sequence' being discussed. Explore the full list below to grasp the complete array of nuances each adjective introduces to the noun 'sequence'.
acidThe acid sequence in the DNA molecule determines the genetic code.
sameThe same sequence of amino acids can be folded into different shapes.
logicalThe logical sequence of events led to the successful outcome.
followingThe following sequence of events occurred during the experiment.
completeThe complete sequence of the new species is available from GenBank.
mainThe main sequence is the band of stars that runs from the top left to the bottom right on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.
properThe books were arranged in proper sequence on the shelf.
entireStudying the entire sequence he found no mistakes.
wholeThe whole sequence can be determined by the preceding elements.
particularThe particular sequence of events led to an unexpected outcome.
developmentalThe child's cognitive and motor abilities follow a predictable developmental sequence
naturalThe natural sequence of events is going to school, graduating, and finding a job.
specificThe specific sequence of amino acids in a protein is essential for its proper function.
correctEnsure you follow the correct sequence when installing the software.
normalThe normal sequence of events was interrupted.
randomThe random sequence of numbers seemed to have no discernible pattern.
nucleotideThe nucleotide sequence of a gene is the order of the nucleotides in the gene.
linearThis linear sequence of numbers is a simple example of a mathematical pattern.
orderlyThe orderly sequence of events unfolded in a predictable manner.
historicalThe historical sequence of events is presented in chronological order.
typicalThe typical sequence for a laboratory is to collect, isolate, test, analyze, and report data and results.
terminalThe terminal sequence of the gene was determined by direct sequencing.
similarThe two events followed a similar sequence
infiniteThe infinite sequence of prime numbers is a fascinating mathematical concept.
exactThe exact sequence of the homology groups of the mapping cone of the morphism is defined.
originalThe original sequence of amino acids was altered.
shortThe short sequence of notes played a haunting melody.
primaryThe primary sequence of amino acids determines the structure and function of a protein.
rapidThe rapid sequence of events left everyone in a state of shock.
continuousThe continuous sequence of numbers provided is essential for this algorithm's efficiency.
simpleThe DNA sequence contains many simple sequence repeats.
finalShe breathes her final sequence sadly.
complexThe complex sequence of events unfolded over several years.
stratigraphicThe stratigraphic sequence was determined by analyzing the sedimentary rocks exposed in the canyon walls.
actualThe actual sequence of events is different from the one he described.
definiteThe definite sequence of events was carefully planned.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary sequence of the species has been documented through fossil evidence.
appropriateThe appropriate sequence of events should be followed during the process.
uniqueThe unique sequence of amino acids in a protein determines its function.
usualThe usual sequence of events was interrupted.
finiteThe finite sequence of n real numbers is given by (a1, a2, a3,...,an).
numericalThe numerical sequence starts with 1 and increases by 2 until it reaches 10.
negativeThe negative sequence of events has caused a significant delay in the project.
aboveI have received the above sequence of characters and am returning them to you.
thickThe book is made up of a thick sequence of chapters.
keyPress the key sequence to enter your password.
correspondingThe corresponding sequence of the DNA fragment is ACGT.
optimalThe optimal sequence was determined using a computer algorithm.
necessaryThe necessary sequence of events unfolded without incident.
preciseThe software application was designed to follow a precise sequence of steps.
partial"A partial sequence is a sequence that is not complete or has missing elements"
complementaryThe complementary sequence is a sequence of nucleotides that pairs with another sequence to form a double helix.
stepThe dancer performed a graceful step sequence across the stage.
genomicThe genomic sequence of the virus was analyzed to identify potential mutations.
chronologicalEvents unfolded in a precise chronological sequence
strictThe montage followed in strict sequence and everyone in the room watched intently.
conservedThe conserved sequence in the genome is responsible for the regulation of gene expression.
reverseThe numbers were entered in reverse sequence
unbrokenThe clock has been ticking for an unbroken sequence of 108 days.
zeroThis is a zero sequence sentence.
predictableThis predictable sequence of events occurs daily.
predeterminedThe predetermined sequence of steps ensured the success of the experiment.
instructionalThe instructional sequence was designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they needed to succeed.
weightedThe weighted sequence method is used to calculate the average of a set of numbers.
overallThe overall sequence of the genome was analyzed.
repetitiveThe repetitive sequence of the song became stuck in her head.
emptyThis is an empty sequence ()
identicalThe identical sequence of nucleotides was found in both samples.

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