Adjectives for Series

Adjectives For Series

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing series, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a series can add a layer of nuance and precision to our communication. Describing a series as long highlights its duration and commitment required, while calling it whole emphasizes its completeness. A new series carries the excitement of the unknown, a second suggests more to explore after a promising start, and a first denotes the beginning of something potentially groundbreaking. The term infinite series, meanwhile, draws us into the realm of the boundless. Each adjective paints a different shade of anticipation, dedication, or satisfaction. Dive deeper into the vast array of adjectives that can accompany the noun ‘series’ for more insightful discoveries.
longThe students were asked to read a long series of books over the summer.
wholeI love the whole series of books.
newThe new series will premiere next week.
secondThe second series of the show was a huge success.
firstThe first series of the popular TV show aired in 2005.
infiniteThe divergence of the harmonic series is an example of the failure of the alternating series test for infinite series
timeThe time series data shows a clear upward trend over the past year.
entireThe entire series is now available on DVD.
continuousThe continuous series of events unfolded before our very eyes.
thirdI'm excited to watch the third series of my favorite show.
complexThe complex series of events that led to the present situation are difficult to disentangle.
completeI need to complete series A000101 B000101 C000101 D000101 ....
presentThe present series of talks will explore the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
endlessEquations are of infinite length and composed of an endless series of numbers and digits.
extensiveAlex delivered an extensive series of lectures on the history of philosophy.
originalI prefer the original series over the reboot.
regularThe regular series of episodes will resume next week.
4thThe 4th series of the show is set to premiere next month.
5thThe 5th series of the show was the most popular.
recentOur recent series of experiments have yielded promising results.
homologousThe homologous series of alkanes is a group of hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH2n+2.
popularThe popular series has been on for many years.
remarkableThe remarkable series of events left everyone in awe.
fourierThe Fourier series is a mathematical representation of a periodic function as a sum of sinusoidal functions.
interestingThe documentary series revealed some interesting series of events.
annualThe annual series of concerts is a great way to experience live music.
partThe part series for the car is ABC-123.
upperThe upper series of polynomials is convergent.
fourthThe fourth series of the popular show was a huge success.
statisticalThe statistical series shows a clear trend of increasing values over time.
unbrokenThe team's unbroken series of victories has astonished their fans.
parallelThe circuit consists of two resistors connected in parallel series
complicatedStudying this mathematical theory requires understanding the complicated series that are used to calculate its results.
famousThe famous series 'Friends' has been watched by millions of people around the world.
gradedThe graded series of the rock is a measure of its hardness.
excellentI watch an excellent series
consecutiveThe consecutive series of numbers was relatively short.
experimentalThe experimental series yielded promising results.
successfulThe director has had several successful series in recent years.
elaborateThe historian's book had an elaborate series of footnotes on almost every page.
extendedThey discussed the extended series of scientific experiments conducted over the past decade
geometricThe sum of an infinite geometric series is given by a/(1-r), where a is the first term and r is the common ratio.
linearA linear series is an arrangement of terms in a sequence where the difference between any two consecutive terms is constant.
doubleDouble series converge much more slowly than single series, but they do converge.
aboveThe above series of events led to his downfall.
uninterruptedThe study produced an uninterrupted series of findings over a 10-year period.
largestThe largest series of earthquakes ever recorded in California occurred in 2019.
volumeThis report uses estimates from Census Bureau volume series to analyze changes in autocorrelation of population estimates.
gastrointestinalThe doctor ordered a gastrointestinal series to evaluate the patient's digestive system
correspondingThe corresponding series in the current table are displayed in the cell next to each datum
continuedThe intense drama continued series of episodes kept people on the edge of their seats.
valuableThe valuable series of books provided me with a wealth of knowledge.
weeklyThe weekly series follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate the ups and downs of their twenties.
stationaryThe point process can also be characterized by its expected stationary series
ongoingThe ongoing series has been a great success.

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