Adjectives for Server

Adjectives For Server

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing server, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a server can significantly impact the clarity and precision of your technical documentation or discussion. Whether it's a client server interacting with user applications, a remote server accessed over a network, a single server handling all tasks, a local server operating within an internal network, a central server managing database operations, or a virtual server running on cloud infrastructure, each adjective unveils unique functionalities and roles. These nuances highlight the diverse ecosystems servers can thrive in and the pivotal roles they play in our digital lives. Explore the full list of adjectives to better describe and understand the multifaceted world of servers.
remoteThe IT team had to access the remote server to fix the issue.
singleThe restaurant is very busy tonight, with only a single server working.
localThe local server is down for maintenance.
centralThe data was transferred securely over the central server
virtualI deployed my website on a virtual server
primaryThe primary server is responsible for critical operations such as creating and storing user accounts.
proxyTo access the internet securely and privately, Emily connected through a proxy server
secondaryThe secondary server was unavailable due to maintenance.
mailThe mail server is down, so I can't send any emails.
particularThe system administrator must connect to a particular server to change its settings.
terminalThe terminal server allows multiple users to access the same server simultaneously.
internalThe application encountered an internal server error.
endThe end server received the message successfully.
secureOur website is hosted on a secure server to protect your personal information.
winsThe system wins server can take a while to process your request.
timeThe time server provides accurate time information to network devices.
separateThe customer data can be stored on a separate server
externalThe external server has been very slow lately.
specificThe specific server is currently down for maintenance and will be back up shortly.
mainThe main server needs to be updated regularly.
rrasThe rras server is running on port 80.
centralizedThe centralized server is responsible for managing all the data and services.
windowsThe Windows server operating system is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.
emailCan you check the email server for me?
appropriateThe appropriate server is not available at this time.
originalThe original server is no longer available.
authoritativeThe authoritative server for this domain is hosted on Google Cloud.
entireThe entire server was down for hours.
standaloneThe company needs a standalone server to host its website.
standardThe standard server was unable to process the request.
keyThe key server contains the public keys of the certificate authorities.
aloneThe alone server stood silently in the corner of the room.
globalThe company plans to launch a new global server to support its growing customer base.
contentThe content server will store all of the company's important documents.
sharedI decided to go with a shared server to save money.
activeThe active server was able to handle the increased load.
popularThe popular server was crowded with people.
availableThe available server has been running for over a month.
weblogicWebLogic server is a Java EE application server developed by Oracle Corporation.
multimediaThe multimedia server was used to stream video and audio content to users.
preferredI've set my preferred server to the one closest to me.
corporateThe corporate server is down and we need to fix it as soon as possible.
tierThe tier server is responsible for managing the tiers in a cluster.
fileThe file server stores important data that employees need to access on a daily basis.
anonymousThe company has set up an anonymous server to receive reports of unethical behavior.
perOur company has a strict limit of 50 active users per server
liveThe live server is experiencing technical difficulties.
multiThe multi server was very fast and efficient.
compliantThe compliant server confirmed the user's request.
multipleOur data center uses multiple servers to ensure high availability.
powerfulThe powerful server handled the heavy traffic with ease.
outgoingPlease configure the outgoing server settings for your email account.
correctThe correct server should handle the request.
portalThe portal server had been down for days, leading to widespread frustration among employees.
multithreadedThe multithreaded server handled a large volume of client requests efficiently.
webThe web server is running on port 80.
parallelThe parallel server efficiently handled the high volume of requests, ensuring minimal latency and optimal performance.
snmpThe SNMP server is running on port 161.
nearest"Where's the nearest server?" she asked.
incomingThe incoming server is responsible for receiving incoming emails.
upstreamThe upstream server is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues.

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