Adjectives for Service

Adjectives For Service

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing service, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe service can subtly change its meaning, enriching your message with precise intent. Words like military and civil denote the sector or nature of the service, reflecting on its discipline or societal role. Adjectives such as active highlight the dynamism and current engagement of the service, while good emphasizes its quality and impact. On a more spiritual level, divine service speaks to a higher purpose or celestial endorsement. Each adjective, thus, unlocks a unique shade of interpretation, offering nuanced insights into the character and value of the service discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives related to service to enhance your expression and understanding.
militaryMy uncle served in the military service for over two decades.
publicPublic service is a wonderful way to give back to the community.
civilThe civil service is responsible for carrying out the policies and programs of the government.
activeThe soldiers have been on active service for over a year.
goodThe restaurant provided good service throughout the meal.
divineThe choir's divine service filled the cathedral with ethereal melodies.
domesticThe domestic service industry in the United States is a large and growing one.
personalThe company provides excellent personal service to its customers.
medicalMedical service is an important aspect of healthcare that helps people stay healthy and well.
regularThe restaurant only provides regular service around the holidays.
postalI need to go to the postal service to mail a letter.
nationalNational service is compulsory in some countries.
foreignThe foreign service officer traveled the world representing their country.
betterWe can offer you much better service at a cheaper cost.
valuableThe company provides valuable service to the community.
diplomaticThe diplomatic service is a branch of government that deals with foreign affairs.
religiousI used to attend a religious service every Sunday.
freeThe company is providing free service for the first month.
secretThe secret service whisked the president away to safety.
compulsoryCompulsory service is required for all citizens of this country.
efficientThe efficient service provided by the company made the process quick and easy.
excellentThe restaurant provided excellent service to its customers.
professionalWe are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of professional service
actualThe employee will gain promotion upon actual service of six months.
greatestI am providing the greatest service possible, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.
faithfulThe employee has been recognized for their faithful service to the company.
universalThe concept of universal service ensures that everyone has access to essential services regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.
navalHe left the naval service to concentrate on his writing.
federalHer dad's long federal service took him all over the world.
usefulWe offer useful services and guarantee your satisfaction.
continuousThe employee has been in continuous service for 10 years.
dailyThe daily service offers a variety of dishes to choose from.
effectiveThe company is committed to providing effective service to its customers.
essentialWater is an essential service that all citizens should have access to.
lipThe politician gave lip service to the ideals of justice and equality.
onlineThe online service was not available at the moment.
commercialFor the best commercial service on the West Coast, your business needs to partner with us today.
adequateThe restaurant provided adequate service
voluntaryHis voluntary service at the local soup kitchen was a testament to his dedication to the community.
satisfactoryThe hotel provided satisfactory service during our stay.
confederateMy great-grandfather served in the Confederate service during the Civil War.
distinguishedThe general's distinguished service earned him the Medal of Honor.
loyalHer loyal service to the company was rewarded with a promotion.
invaluableThe invaluable service provided by the volunteers was crucial for the success of the event.
royalThe hotel provided royal service to all of their guests.
hourThe restaurant offers 24-hour service.
humbleHe devoted his life to humble service for the poor.
outstandingHe received an outstanding service award from the company.
weeklyThe weekly service includes a sermon, singing, and prayer.
basedThe based service provides excellent customer support.
electricThe electric service was interrupted due to the storm.
selflessThe volunteers provided selfless service to the community.
overseasHe was considered for deployment because of his overseas service
meritoriousThe soldier was awarded the Medal of Honor for his meritorious service
devotionalTrue devotional service means that the heart is fully absorbed in meeting the spiritual demands of the Lord.
consularThe embassy provides consular service to American citizens living or traveling abroad.

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