Adjectives for Sets

Adjectives For Sets

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sets, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe sets can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. Whether discussing different sets of rules, the fuzzy logic behind sets in mathematics, or the several sets of dinnerware for your next big party, the adjective frames the scale, completeness, or distinctiveness of the sets. A complete set of tools implies readiness, while a large set of data points towards abundance. Furthermore, the mention of sun sets introduces a poetic imagery. Each adjective unlocks a unique shade of meaning, emphasizing various aspects of the noun. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with sets to enrich your sentences.
differentDifferent sets of people have different interests.
fuzzyFuzzy sets are used in a variety of applications, including image processing, pattern recognition, and data mining.
severalSeveral sets of tables were arranged in the hall.
completeThe students did not have complete sets of textbooks.
largeWe have large sets of data that need to be analyzed.
sunThe sun sets in the west.
variousThe store sold various sets of silverware.
separateThe teacher separated the students into separate sets
distinctThe distinct sets were quickly identified.
multipleWe have multiple sets of identical data.
finiteFinite sets are sets that have a finite number of elements.
specificThe numerical data is divided into specific sets and labeled.
infiniteMathematicians are fascinated by the concept of infinite sets
independentThe two cliques form independent sets in the graph.
wirelessThe soldiers carried their wireless sets with them on patrol.
possibleThere were three possible sets of keys.
alternativeThe alternative sets of hypotheses are disjoint and jointly exhaustive
disjointThe disjoint sets were analyzed to determine their relationships.
roughRough sets refer to a mathematical tool employed to deal with data characterized by uncertainty and vagueness.
complexComplex sets of unrelated information are difficult to interpret.
largerThese are much larger sets of sentences.
additionalI will be requiring additional sets of this information.
openThe union of two open sets is an open set
identicalThe twins were born as identical sets
subThe sub sets of a set are all the possible combinations of the elements of the set.
standardThe teacher asked us to use standard sets of materials for our project.
minimalThe minimal sets of a topological space are the smallest closed sets that contain a given point.
parallelThe six parallel sets provided important information about the study's findings.
correspondingThe corresponding sets are in one-to-one correspondence with each other.
smallerThe smaller sets were more manageable.
closedClosed sets are important in mathematics, especially in topology.
jointThe exposed surfaces of the vertical joint sets appear nearly planar and vertical and form a polygonal pattern of long, slender lenses.
ageThe tribe had elaborate age sets that initiated boys at eight years, fourteen years, and again at twenty.
elaborateThe elaborate sets of the movie transported the audience to a distant land.
successiveThe results of successive sets of experiments were very similar.
availableThere are many available sets in the store.
doubleThe double sets of doors swung open and shut all night long.
duplicateI have two duplicate sets of keys for my house.
consistentI have a lot of consistent sets of data.
diverseShe taught diverse sets of students throughout her career.
equivalentSets that have the same number of elements are equivalent sets
relatedThe two related sets of data were analyzed to determine which variables were most influential.
discreteDiscrete sets often have distinct elements and can be used to represent various mathematical concepts.
respectiveWe brought our respective sets of skills to the project.
variableThe variable sets are defined by the user and can be used to group variables.
portableThe portable sets were easy to carry around.
uniqueThe software's architecture utilizes unique sets of algorithms to deliver customized solutions.
dimensionalThe matrix determined by the three-dimensional sets is easy to calculate.
randomIntersect two random sets containing positive integers that are not prime.
conflictingThough the two teams had conflicting sets of goals, they were able to reach a compromise.
extraI like to buy extra sets of things in case I lose one.
arbitraryTwo arbitrary sets may have some of their elements in common.
emptyThe empty sets are sets that contain no elements.
crystalWhen I was a kid, I used to play with crystal sets
stableStable sets provide constructive lower bounds on the chromatic number.
exclusiveThe exclusive sets are those that have no elements in common.

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