Adjectives for Share

Adjectives For Share

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing share, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'share' can significantly alter the nuance of your message, painting a vivid picture of distribution, equity, and size. A 'large share' implies a significant portion, often connoting abundance or dominance. In contrast, a 'small share' might denote limited access or a minor stake in the distribution. The use of 'fair share' introduces a notion of justice and equality, suggesting an equitable division. Meanwhile, 'full share' and 'greater share' both evoke a sense of completeness and superiority, respectively. Each adjective delicately shifts the focus, highlighting various aspects of quantity, ethics, and comparison. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'share' to master the subtleties of descriptive language.
largeThe company holds a large share of the market.
fairWe all deserve our fair share of the pie.
largerThe company had a larger share of the market than its competitors.
fullWith a full share of money, the company can expand its business to other countries.
greaterChina took a greater share of the market this year.
smallI only have a small share of the profits.
ownShe paid her own share of the expenses.
largestThe United States holds the largest share of the global defense spending.
equalThey decided to divide the inheritance into equal shares.
majorThe company holds a major share in the market.
considerableThe school board members hold a considerable share of the responsibility for improving education in this city.
proportionateThe company will pay a proportionate share of the costs.
relativeThe teams were awarded a relative share of the prize money.
dueHe received his due share of the inheritance.
significantThe company held a significant share of the market.
substantialThe company had been making a substantial share of its profits from overseas sales.
smallerThe company had a smaller share of the market than its competitors.
greatestApple has the greatest share of the smartphone market.
properThe company's CEO ensured that all workers received their proper share of the profits.
higherWe can observe a continuously higher share of moving workers over the years.
averageThe company's average share price over the past year was $10.
distributiveThe company's distributive share of profits is determined by the number of shares outstanding.
halfI gave her half share of the profit.
activeThe fund's active share is 85%.
federalThe federal share of the grant is 80%.
biggerThe company is hoping to capture a bigger share of the market.
rightfulThe rightful share of the inheritance should be given to the eldest son.
equitableThe new law ensures that every citizen receives an equitable share of the resources.
proportionalCompanies with large market shares should pay a proportional share of taxes.
doubleShe decided to double share her dorm room with a friend to save money.
highestThe company with the highest share of the market is Apple.
reasonableThe company agreed to give each employee a reasonable share of the profit.
principalThe principal share amounted to three-fifths of the total property.
dominantDespite the rise of streaming services, Netflix maintains a dominant share of the market.
moderateHe has a moderate share of enthusiasm for the project.
biggestThe biggest share of the profits went to the CEO.
increasedThe company's increased share of the market led to record profits.
overallThe company successfully increased their overall share of the market in the last quarter.
smallestThe smallest share of the advertising budget went to newspapers.
goodlyThe goodly share you bestowed upon this unworthy soul has left me filled with gratitude.
undividedThe partner has an undivided share in the partnership assets.
undueThe company received an undue share of the profits.
proThe company paid each employee 50k pro share
fixedThe company distributed a fixed share of profits to shareholders.
ampleThe company has had an ample share of the advertising market.
modestShe inherited a modest share of the family fortune.
generousThe organization donated a generous share of its profits to charity.
liberalThe author's liberal share of insights is evident throughout the narrative.
globalThe company has a global share of the market.
inconsiderableThe inconsiderable share of the vote received by the third-party candidate was a disappointment.
legitimateThe legitimate share of an heir is the minimum amount of property that he or she is entitled to inherit.
sizableThe manufacturing company reported a sizable share of the market.
leastThe company with the least share in the market is facing a lot of challenges.

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