Adjectives for Sheet

Adjectives For Sheet

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sheet, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'sheet' when paired with adjectives such as thin, single, large, separate, white, and blank, unveils a broad spectrum of nuances that enrich our understanding and expression. A 'thin sheet' evokes the delicacy and possibly the transparency of the material, whereas a 'single sheet' emphasizes its solitary, perhaps insufficient, nature. A 'large sheet' speaks volumes of generosity or vastness, in stark contrast to 'separate sheets' that denote division. The color 'white' imbues purity or simplicity, whereas 'blank' highlights potential or emptiness. Each adjective paints a unique picture, transforming a common noun into a vivid, nuanced image in our minds. Discover the full array of adjectives to perfect your descriptive needs below.
thinLay the thin sheet of paper on the table.
singleHe took out a single sheet of paper and wrote a brief note.
largeShe spread a large sheet out on the floor.
separateI will send the data to you on a separate sheet
whiteThe white sheet billowed in the wind.
blankI stared at the blank sheet of paper, my mind a jumbled mess.
balanceThe balance sheet provides a comprehensive snapshot of a company's financial health at a specific point in time.
cleanThe goalkeeper kept a clean sheet in the match.
topPut the top sheet on the bed.
plasticThe plastic sheet protected the furniture from the rain.
secondPlease turn to your second sheet
flatThe flat sheet lay crumpled on the bed.
currentThe variation of the magnetic field along this current sheet is constant.
foldedThe folded sheet hung on the clothesline.
continuousThe continuous sheet of material was folded in half.
consolidatedThe division's performance is summarized by the consolidated sheet
printedShe handed him the printed sheet with his case information.
thickHe was surprised to find a thick sheet of glass on his door.
broadHe was reading the broad sheet for updates on the latest news.
halfMy favorite half sheet cookie is chocolate chip!
greasedThe greased sheet slid easily out of the oven.
iceThe ice sheet glistened in the sunlight.
offThe harpist played a piece off sheet
freshThe fresh sheet of paper was invitingly blank.
vastThe vast sheet of ice stretched out before them, unbroken and white.
bottomThe bottom sheet slid up from the bottom of the screen.
transparentThe teacher used a transparent sheet to show the children how to draw a picture.
beautifulThe beautiful sheet was soft and smooth to the touch.
standardPlease make sure your resume is in a standard sheet format for easy review.
solidThe solid sheet of metal was used to construct the roof.
preparedThe prepared sheet was covered in equations.
doubleI hated sleeping on the couch because it only had a double sheet and no blanket.
typicalThe typical sheet price has skyrocketed in recent weeks.
yellowThe yellow sheet was fluttering in the wind.
ungreasedI accidentally put the pizza on an ungreased sheet so it stuck and tore.
dailyI review my daily sheet before I start my shift.
externalThe external sheet was not attached to the application.
inchThe document was held together with one inch sheet fasteners.
pleatedThe skirt has a pleated sheet design.
smoothI pulled the smooth sheet over my body.
looseI need to buy a loose sheet of paper for my notes.
mimeographedThe mimeographed sheet contained important information.
leadThe lead sheet for the song is in the key of C.
proofThe photographer examined the proof sheet with great care.
blueThe blue sheet of paper fluttered in the wind.
weeklyI need a copy of last week's weekly sheet
waterproofCover the mattress of the cot with a waterproof sheet
pageI scanned the page sheet completely.
plainPlease fill out your name and address on the plain sheet of paper.
neutralThe magnetic field lines of the neutral sheet are parallel to the sheet and oppositely directed.
continentalThe continental sheet moved westward over the underlying mantle.
hugeThe huge sheet of paper covered the entire table.
sizeThe king size sheet is too big for my bed.
crumpledHe tossed the crumpled sheet of paper onto the desk.
corrugatedThe corrugated sheet was used to make the roof of the shed.
octahedralThe octahedral sheet consists of two layers of octahedra sharing their vertices.
rectangularThe rectangular sheet of paper was covered in writing.
comparativeI compared the two products using a comparative sheet
monthlyPlease fill out your monthly sheet
linedThe lined sheet was used for writing letters.

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