Adjectives for Shipping

Adjectives For Shipping

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing shipping, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe shipping can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, highlighting not just the logistical aspect but also the origin, scope, and nature of the shipment. For instance, British shipping conveys a sense of heritage and might imply a specific route or cargo type, whereas coastal shipping focuses on the geographical aspect, suggesting a voyage that skirts along the nation's coastlines. Similarly, international shipping expands the scope to a global scale, indicating cross-border transportation complexities. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, painting a more detailed picture of the shipping industry's many facets. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'shipping' to enrich your understanding and expression.
britishThe British shipping industry is a major contributor to the UK economy.
americanAmerican shipping has been a major contributor to the country's economic success.
coastalThe majority of coastal shipping is now carried out in container ships.
foreignWe offer foreign shipping to multiple countries.
internationalOur company offers reliable international shipping services.
englishI prefer reading English shipping news to national news.
neutralThe company offers neutral shipping services to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination without any damage.
commercialThe growth of commercial shipping has led to the development of new technologies.
japaneseJapanese shipping is renowned for its efficiency and reliability.
spanishThe Spanish shipping company has been in operation for over 100 years.
germanGerman shipping is the largest in Europe.
indianThe Indian shipping industry is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per annum.
israeliThe Israeli shipping industry has a long and rich history.
frenchThe French shipping company CMA CGM is the world's third largest container shipping company.
dutchThe Dutch shipping industry is a major contributor to the country's economy.
freeI'm happy to offer free shipping on all orders over $50!
oceanThe company primarily uses ocean shipping to transport its goods.
muchThe port handled much shipping during the war.
overseasThe company offers reliable and cost-efficient overseas shipping services.
maritimeThe maritime shipping industry is a key part of the global economy.
europeanEuropean shipping generally takes several weeks to arrive.
domesticThe domestic shipping cost is quite low.
atlanticThe Atlantic shipping lanes are among the busiest in the world.
norwegianNorwegian shipping has been a major part of the country's economy for centuries.
portuguesePortuguese shipping was crucial to the country's economy.
colonialColonial shipping came to a virtual standstill during the American Revolution.
chineseChinese shipping is expected to grow at a rate of 10% in the next five years.
alliedAllied shipping was heavily targeted by German U-boats during World War II.
northernThe northern shipping lane is expected to open soon.
italianLast month, Italian shipping suffered during the storm.
transatlanticThe transatlantic shipping industry has been in decline for decades.
nativeThe native shipping agreement was finalized last week.
sovietThe Soviet shipping industry was one of the largest in the world during the Cold War.
greekThe Greek shipping industry is one of the most important in the world.
amphibiousThe amphibious shipping was able to make it to the shore without any problems.
russianThe Russian shipping industry has been hit hard by the sanctions imposed by the West.
mercantileThe mercantile shipping industry is a major part of the global economy.
navalThe naval shipping was heavily damaged during the storm.
regularThe order will be shipped with regular shipping
sufficientThe company had sufficient shipping to meet the demand.
islandThe company offers island shipping to remote locations.
swedishThe swedish shipping industry is one of the largest in the world.
ownedA Japanese company owned shipping firm has been caught red-handed smuggling uranium from North Korea.
distanceThe company will have to pay exorbitant costs for distance shipping
seaThe sea shipping industry has been hit hard by the global economic crisis.
necessaryThe necessary shipping for the order costs \$10.
interislandInterisland shipping provides essential services for the transportation of goods and passengers between islands.
crowdedThe crowded shipping lanes were a nightmare to navigate.
borneThe cost of borne shipping has increased significantly in recent years.
containerizedContainerized shipping allows for the efficient transportation of goods around the world.
enoughWe do not have enough shipping to fill the order.
venetianThe Venetian shipping of the 13th century was a major force in the Mediterranean Sea.
peacefulThe peaceful shipping of goods between countries is essential for the global economy.
turkishTurkish shipping has a long and rich history.
registeredThe company offers registered shipping for added peace of mind.
flagThe company specializes in flag shipping to and from the United States.
coastwiseCoastwise shipping refers to the transport of goods between ports within the coastal areas of a country.
danishDanish shipping is a major industry in the country and contributes significantly to the economy.
refrigeratedThe perishable food items require refrigerated shipping to maintain their freshness.
intercoastalIntercoastal shipping is the transportation of goods between ports on different coasts.
marineMarine shipping is a vital part of the global economy.
adequateThe cost of the project was kept low thanks to adequate shipping
canadianThe Canadian shipping rates are very reasonable.
australianThe company operates a fleet of ships that provide reliable australian shipping services to various destinations around the world.
boundThe company offers bound shipping on large orders.
mediterraneanMediterranean shipping Company is a global leader in the shipping industry.
arabThe ship transporting the goods was Arab Shipping's.
muslimA muslim shipping company refused to transport a cargo of wine.
oceanicThe company specializes in oceanic shipping of goods from Asia to Europe.
netThe company's net shipping revenue increased significantly in the second quarter.
overnightWe offer overnight shipping for orders over $50.
builtI'm not familiar with the term 'built shipping'.

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