Adjectives for Ships

Adjectives For Ships

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ships, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast sea of adjectives related to ships unlocks a world of nuanced descriptions and rich history. Whether describing the large vessels that cross oceans, the British and American fleets that have shaped maritime history, or the many stories that each ship carries, the right adjective adds depth and perspective. The choice of adjectives can reflect not just the physical characteristics but also the cultural significance and historical context of the ships. For instance, an English ship brings to mind images of explorers and traders who sailed the global seas. Dive deeper into the vast ocean of language with our full list of adjectives below, each accompanied by a sentence to illustrate its use.
otherThe other ships sailed away.
britishDuring the war, British ships patrolled the coast.
americanThe American ships sailed into the harbor.
manyMany ships sailed across the vast ocean.
englishThe English ships sailed majestically across the vast ocean.
largeThe large ships sailed across the ocean.
frenchThe french ships sailed into the harbor.
spanishThe Spanish ships sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
foreignThe foreign ships sailed gracefully past the coastline.
severalSeveral ships sailed past the harbor.
moreThe harbor was filled with more ships than usual today.
smallThe small ships sailed across the calm waters.
bigThe big ships sailed across the ocean.
dutchI saw a fleet of dutch ships on the horizon.
germanThe German ships sailed through the North Sea.
largerThe larger ships were unable to dock due to the shallow waters.
woodenThe old wooden ships sailed across the vast ocean.
japaneseThe Japanese ships sailed across the Pacific Ocean.
neutralThe neutral ships sailed past the island without incident.
russianRussian ships sailed through the Baltic Sea.
navalThe naval ships patrolled the coast for enemy submarines.
smallerThe smaller ships anchored in the shallow waters.
armedThe convoy was protected by heavily armed ships
largestThe largest ships in the world are container ships.
battleThe battle ships sailed into the harbor.
fireThe Greeks used fire ships to great effect against the Persian fleet at the Battle of Salamis.
sovietThe Soviet ships were docked at the harbor.
europeanEuropean ships sailed the Atlantic Ocean in the 15th century.
heavyThe heavy ships sailed through the rough seas.
sunkenThe sunken ships lay at the bottom of the ocean, a testament to the power of the sea.
builtThe people built ships for transportation.
greekThe Greek ships sailed across the Aegean Sea.
tallThe tall ships sailed gracefully across the horizon.
chineseThe Chinese ships sailed through the South China Sea.
warThe war ships sailed through the ocean.
commercialThe commercial ships were anchored in the harbor.
danishThe danish ships sailed through the rough seas.
italianThe Italian ships sailed through the Mediterranean Sea.
turkishThe Turkish ships sailed through the Bosphorus.
athenianThe Athenian ships sailed into the harbor at dawn.
romanThe Roman ships sailed across the Mediterranean Sea.
gunThe nimble gun ships were patrolling the waters near the coast.
biggerThe bigger ships were easier to spot from a distance.
enoughThere were enough ships to transport the entire army.
hugeThe huge ships sailed majestically across the vast ocean.
amphibiousPowerful amphibious ships are capable of reaching distant shores.
poweredThe wind powered ships sailed across the ocean.
riggedCaptains of rigged ships sailed around the globe in the 16th century.
boundThe bound ships sailed along the coast.
ladenThe laden ships set sail for the open sea.
hostileThe hostile ships approached with their weapons armed.
wreckedThe storm left several wrecked ships scattered along the coast.
ownedThe company owned ships that sailed all over the world.
classThe Royal Caribbean has announced the launch of three new class ships each with its own unique features and amenities.
oneOne ships very quickly like a tornado.
swiftThe swift ships sailed across the vast ocean.
norwegianThe Norwegian ships sailed the seven seas, carrying goods and people across the globe.
persianThe Persian ships sailed across the vast ocean.
venetianThe Venetian ships sailed through the lagoon.
phoenicianPhoenician ships sailed the Mediterranean Sea for trade and exploration.
fewerThere were fewer ships in the harbor than usual.
belligerentThe belligerent ships engaged in a fierce battle.
incomingThe incoming ships were delayed by the storm.
oceangoingThe Port of New York welcomed the arrival of several oceangoing ships

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