Adjectives for Show

Adjectives For Show

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing show, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a show can significantly alter the perception of the event in question. From the first impression to the great finale, each adjective carries its own nuance. A good show can simply be enjoyable, whereas a great one could be unforgettable. Mentioning a whole show implies completeness and satisfaction, while outward appearances often hint at the superficial aspects. On the other hand, a dumb show might disappoint or fail to meet expectations. Each adjective uniquely shapes the narrative of the experience, inviting us to explore deeper meanings. Discover the full range of adjectives used with 'show' and how they can influence your perception.
firstI am going to watch the first show of this new TV series.
greatI really enjoyed the great show
goodThat was a good show I really enjoyed it
wholeThe actor put on a fantastic performance throughout the whole show
outwardThe outward show of opulence masked the underlying poverty.
dumbThe actors performed the play in dumb show using only gestures and movements.
manThe man show was full of laughter and entertainment.
bigThe big show is coming to town.
popularThe popular show has been running for over a decade.
nextStay tuned for our next show where we'll be discussing the latest trends in technology.
annualThe annual show featured dozens of talented artists displaying their latest works.
fineThat was a fine show
bestThe best show on television is The Office.
mereThe mere show of force was enough to deter the attackers.
puppetThe children watched the puppet show with wide-eyed wonder.
favoriteI always watch my favorite show on TV.
braveThe soldiers put on a brave show despite their fear.
liveI am going to see a live show this weekend.
fairI think it's a fair show that you should get a reward for your hard work.
lightThe aurora borealis put on quite a light show above the Arctic Circle.
poorThe team's performance was a poor show
weeklyThe weekly show featured interviews with celebrities and politicians.
magicI watched a fantastic magic show last night.
lateI stayed up late to watch the late show
musicalThe musical show was a huge success.
entireHe watched the entire show in one sitting.
hourI'll catch the hour show later.
betterLet's all go to the movies and check out the new super hero movie that just came out because it looks like it's going to be a better show than the one I went to last week
greatestThe greatest show on Earth is back in town.
vainThe vain show of wealth and status was all he cared about.
sideThe side show was filled with strange and unusual performers.
latterThe latter show was a huge success, drawing a large audience.
minuteThe minute show lasted barely 10 minutes.
successfulThe successful show drew a large audience.
spectacularThe spectacular show left the audience in awe.
falseThe false show of wealth impressed the naive observer.
grandThe grand show was a huge success.
burlesqueThe singer dazzled the audience with her extravagant burlesque show
womanThe woman show was a great success.
agriculturalThe agricultural show was a great success.
syndicatedThe syndicated show is broadcast in multiple markets.
splendidWe enjoyed a splendid show at the theater last night.
nightThere was a spectacular acrobatic night show at the circus.
wonderfulThat was a wonderful show
dailyThe Daily show is a late-night talk and news satire television program.
impressiveThe magician put on an impressive show
leastThe least show I've ever seen was a mime on a street corner.
bloodyThe bloody show a sign of impending labor, typically occurs within 24 hours of delivery.
famousI watched the premiere of this week's popular famous show with my family.
dramaticThe actor put on a very dramatic show for the crowd.
slightestThe slightest show of resistance was met with swift and brutal force.
biggestThe biggest show on Earth is coming to town.
personThe big person show lasted for many long hours.
aboveThe above show was a great success.

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