Adjectives for Showing

Adjectives For Showing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing showing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a showing can significantly alter the perception of the event or performance in question. A poor showing evokes a sense of disappointment and underachievement, whereas a good showing paints a picture of competence and adequacy. Striving for a strong showing implies an effort to stand out with exceptional performance. Highlighting a first showing touches on the novelty and potential excitement of a debut, while claiming the best showing sets a high standard and expectation of superiority. Each adjective carries its own connotation, adding a distinct flavor to the narrative surrounding a showing. Explore the full range of adjectives used with showing to capture the precise tone you intend.
poorThe team's poor showing in the tournament was disappointing.
ownThe company lost money on its own showing
goodThe team made a good showing at the tournament.
strongThe team put up a strong showing despite the loss.
firstThe first showing of the new movie is this Friday.
bestThis is the dog's best showing yet.
betterThe food was served at a better showing
publicThe public showing of the film was a great success.
privateThe private showing of the film was limited to a select group of critics.
impressiveThe team's impressive showing in the tournament was a testament to their hard work and dedication.
respectableThe team put on a respectable showing despite the loss.
creditableThe team gave a creditable showing in the championship game, despite losing in the final seconds.
fineThe art exhibition was a fine showing of local talent.
excellentThe team made an excellent showing in the tournament.
favorableThe team had a favorable showing in the tournament.
badThe team's bad showing in the tournament was disappointing.
clearThe clear showing was evident in the student's excellent test results.
specialThe movie is having a special showing tonight.
remarkableThe team's remarkable showing in the tournament earned them a place in the finals.
fairDespite a fair showing in the first round, the team was knocked out of the tournament.
worthThis painting is worth showing to the critics.
satisfactoryThe team's performance was just a satisfactory showing
splendidThe marathon runner gave a splendid showing outrunning their competitors by a mile.
mereThe mere showing of identification is not enough to prove that someone is who they say they are.
dismalThe team's dismal showing in the tournament was a disappointment to fans and critics alike.
braveIt takes a brave showing to stand up against the crowd.
weakThe company's weak showing in the latest quarter raised concerns among investors.
poorestThe team's poorest showing came in their last game.
poorerThe company's poorer showing in the first quarter was blamed on the recession.
financialThe company reported a positive financial showing for the year.
worstThe team had its worst showing in the tournament's history.
initialThe initial showing of the movie was a huge success.
primaThe film's prima showing was a success.
affirmativeThe affirmative showing of support was overwhelming.
electoralThe party's electoral showing was disappointing.
substantialThe researchers declared that they made a substantial showing of anticipatory invention.
strongerThe team's performance showed a stronger showing this time around.
strongestThe team had its strongest showing in the final quarter.
preliminary"The preliminary showing of the new film was very successful."
schematicThe schematic showing the wiring of the house was intricate.
brilliantThe team gave a brilliant showing at the competition.
successfulThe dog's performance at the show was a successful showing
decentThe team had a decent showing despite facing a tough opponent.
disappointingThe team's disappointing showing in the tournament left fans feeling let down.
adequateThe evidence presented during the trial was deemed to be an adequate showing of negligence.
statisticalThe statistical showing of the study was significant.
factualThe factual showing presented by the prosecution convinced the jury of the defendant's guilt.
wonderfulThe students gave a wonderful showing at the science fair.
disastrousThe team's disastrous showing left fans calling for the manager's resignation.
reasonableThe court found that the plaintiff had made a reasonable showing of discrimination.
worseTheir latest quarter was a worse showing than expected.
spectacularThe team put on a spectacular showing at the competition.
unfavorableThe company's unfavorable showing in the market led to a decline in its stock price.
magnificentThe magnificent showing of the team was a sight to behold.
modestIn spite of a modest showing in the first quarter, the team rallied for the win.
requisiteThe requisite showing for the event was tickets or a pass.
outwardHer outward showing was one of complete confidence.
convincingThe data presented a convincing showing of the defendant's guilt.

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