Adjectives for Shows

Adjectives For Shows

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing shows, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjectives used with the noun 'shows' significantly impact the imagery and expectation they conjure. A 'live show' promises the thrill of real-time performances, while a 'public show' speaks to accessibility and community involvement. The excitement is different when it comes to a 'popular show,' suggesting a wide-reaching appeal and possibly a following. Delving into history, 'gladiatorial shows' transport us to the Roman arenas, highlighting the extreme entertainment of the past. 'Above shows' might intrigue with a perspective of superiority or oversight, whereas 'musical shows' celebrate the fusion of narratives with harmonies. Each adjective opens a new dimension of experiences and expectations for the audience. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'shows' to enrich your descriptions and narratives.
liveThe singer is famous for his lively live shows
publicThe public shows were cancelled due to the weather.
popularI often watch popular shows on streaming services.
gladiatorial"Gladiatorial shows" were spectacular public events in ancient Rome.
aboveThe graph above shows the number of users who visited the website.
musicalI enjoyed watching the musical shows on Broadway.
manThe man shows his courage in the face of danger.
localThe local shows were very popular.
favoriteMy favorite shows are The Office and Parks and Recreation.
furtherThe data analysis further shows that the number of people who are interested in the new product has increased significantly.
rightThe right shows that the line passes through the origin.
sideThe circus had many side shows including a freak show and a petting zoo.
agriculturalI spent many a day watching sheep at agricultural shows
bestWhat were the best shows you saw at the festival?
followingI am following shows on TV.
bigThe big shows are coming soon.
latterThe latter shows that he is a man of his word.
puppetThe children were entertained by the lively puppet shows
magicI love going to magic shows with my friends.
topI'm really into the top shows on Netflix.
recentI've been enjoying watching recent shows on Netflix.
numerousWe spent all weekend watching numerous shows
annualThe annual shows showcased the best of the region's talent.
burlesquePeople of all ages attended the burlesque shows enjoying each performance.
dramaticThe audience was spellbound by the dramatic shows
timeTime shows us what is truly important in life.
successfulThe station produced successful shows for decades.
theatricalThe theatrical shows were a huge success, with sell-out performances every night.
lightThe concert was amazing with all the light shows
formerMany of the former shows are no longer remembered.
outwardThe outward shows of wealth and extravagance did not fool her.
daytimeI like to watch daytime shows when I have nothing to do.
regularRegular shows are such a fun show to watch.
leftThe left shows the number of people who voted for each candidate.
hourThe hour shows that it's time to go.
violentThe children were not allowed to watch violent shows on television.
spectacularThe park is famous for its spectacular shows
syndicatedThe network has a variety of syndicated shows that air in different time slots.
schematicThe schematic shows the location of the fuse box.
nightThe city comes alive during the dazzling night shows
flowerI love going to flower shows in the spring.
weeklyHe watches weekly shows about current events.
dailyWatching various daily shows has become an enjoyable morning routine for me.
graphicThe CNN graphic shows the path of the Hurricane.
rayThe ray shows us the direction of the sun.

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