Adjectives for Sign

Adjectives For Sign

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sign, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a sign can profoundly influence the perception of its message. A first sign may denote the beginning of a journey, while a good sign heralds optimism. Contrastingly, a sure sign provides undeniable evidence, and a negative sign warns of potential pitfalls. On the flip side, a positive sign beams with hope and encouragement. When we describe something as the only sign, we emphasize its unique significance. Each adjective weaves a different narrative around the sign, enriching our understanding and anticipation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'sign' to capture its varied nuances and implications below.
firstThe first sign of spring was the snow melting.
goodThe appearance of numerous robins in the backyard is often seen as a good sign
sureThe crowd's scattered applause was a sure sign that the performance had been a disappointment.
positiveThe sun is shining, a positive sign of a beautiful day.
onlyI need only sign this contract to get the job.
oppositeThe two numbers have opposite signs.
plusThe computer malfunctioned and displayed a plus sign on the screen.
littleThere was little sign of life in the abandoned building.
badThe sudden drop in stock prices was a bad sign for the economy.
outwardHer outward sign of disapproval was barely noticeable.
visibleThe visible sign of her embarrassment was the blush that crept across her cheeks.
slightestShe shook her head at the slightest sign of trouble.
earlyThe early sign of a weak immune system is often getting sick.
clearThe clear sign that summer had come was the long, lazy days spent at the beach.
leastThe least sign of resistance was met with overwhelming force.
hopefulThe budding tree was a hopeful sign of spring.
ominousThe ominous sign hung above the door, casting an eerie glow upon the darkened room.
bigThe big sign was unreadable from so far away.
clinicalThe clinical sign of a heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard through a stethoscope.
diagnosticThe presence of a rash could be a diagnostic sign of measles.
encouragingThe increased test scores are an encouraging sign of academic progress.
earliestThe earliest sign of the disease was a red rash on the face.
linguisticThe linguistic sign is a two-sided entity, consisting of a sound image and a concept.
obviousThe obvious sign of the storm was the dark clouds gathering in the sky.
healthyThe drop in new cases was a healthy sign that the outbreak was coming under control.
characteristicThe characteristic sign of hypertension is elevated blood pressure.
externalThe external sign of the company was faded and worn.
reliableHer usual reliable sign of disapproval was a pursed lip.
woodenThe wooden sign pointed the way to the hidden treasure.
expectedThe guest list is subject to the expected sign
surest"That's the surest sign of all" she replied thoughtfully.
wrongShe was given the wrong sign by her friend.
integralThe integral sign denoted as ∫, represents the mathematical operation of integration.
unmistakableThe unmistakable sign of spring was the return of the robins.
hugeThe huge sign above the highway was visible for miles.
favorableThe recent sales figures are a favorable sign for the company's future.
electricThe old electric sign flickered and buzzed, a reminder of a bygone era.
valuableI confirmed the valuable sign with the user.
zodiacalMy best friend's zodiacal sign is Gemini.
welcomeThe welcome sign was faded and barely legible.
sunMy sun sign is Leo.
distinctiveThe distinctive sign of the company was its red and white logo.
definiteThe definite sign of improvement was the team's victory last week.
doubleThe double sign on the door said "Push" and "Pull".
conventionalThe conventional sign for 'stop' is a red octagon.
usefulThe useful sign pointed the way to the nearest rest stop.
astrologicalYour astrological sign is a clue to your personality.
letteredThe lettered sign hung above the door, inviting guests inside.
classicThe classic sign of a heart attack is chest pain.
cardinalThe cardinal signs correspond to the equinoxes and solstices.

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