Adjectives for Signal

Adjectives For Signal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing signal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'signal' reveals the rich tapestry of meaning behind communication and technology. A 'digital signal' conveys the essence of modern data transmission, while an 'electrical signal' touches on the foundational elements of electronic systems. The 'received signal' underscores the importance of reception in communication, and an 'original signal' refers to the source of information before any potential distortion. The term 'audio signal' highlights the specific realm of sound, emphasizing its relevance in both broadcasting and personal listening. Moreover, a 'clear signal' not only enhances clarity in communication but also signifies unambiguous understanding. The specificity of these adjectives paints a detailed picture of how signals are perceived, transmitted, and interpreted. Explore the full list of adjectives below that further elucidate the multifaceted nature of 'signal'.
electricalThe electrical signal sent to the computer was 2000 hertz.
receivedThe satellite received signal from the distant planet.
digitalThe digital signal was sent to the receiver.
originalThe original signal was distorted by the noise.
audioThe audio signal was processed using a digital filter.
clearThe radio station received a clear signal
incomingThe incoming signal is strong and clear.
transmittedThe transmitted signal was weak and intermittent.
strongThe phone had a strong signal in the city center.
modulatedThe modulated signal was transmitted over the radio waves.
acousticThe acoustic signal was used to send the message to the receiver.
opticalThe optical signal from the laser was processed by the optical fiber.
busyI tried to call my friend, but I only got a busy signal
compositeThe composite signal was transmitted over the long distance.
continuousThe continuous signal was transmitted through the communication channel.
sinusoidalThe sinusoidal signal was measured by the sensor.
positiveThe positive signal from the market is encouraging.
electricThe doctor used advanced technology to send an electric signal to the patient's heart.
externalThe external signal caused the system to malfunction.
soundThe sonar equipment emitted a sound signal to detect the submarine.
periodicThe periodic signal varies sinusoidally with time.
prearrangedWhen he saw the prearranged signal he knew it was time to act.
electronicThe electronic signal was transmitted across the network.
visualThe visual signal from the lighthouse guided the ship to shore.
lightThe technician followed the light signal down the dark tunnel.
negativeThe meeting is cancelled due to a negative signal
randomThe random signal was weak and noisy.
maximumThe company wanted to ensure maximum signal with minimum noise.
measuredResearchers measured signal from the stars to observe the effect of gravitational lensing.
redThe red signal warned me to stop
sampled"We use the sampled signal to . . ."
nuclearThe nuclear signal was sent at midnight.
audibleThe audible signal of the fire alarm alerted the building's occupants to the fire.
appropriateThe appropriate signal for the situation is a green flag.
complexThe complex signal was difficult to interpret.
readyAfter the ready signal the race began.
greenThe traffic light flashed a bright green signal giving us permission to proceed.
correspondingThe corresponding signal was detected by the receiver.
preconcertedThe preconcerted signal was a flash of light from the tallest tower.
usefulThe useful signal was distorted by noise.
recordedThe recorded signal was used to create the spectrogram.
distantThe distant signal from the satellite was faint but clear.
interruptThe interrupt signal caused the program to be terminated.
observedThe observed signal was well within the expected range.
constantThe radio was always on, emitting a constant signal
appliedThe research applied signal processing techniques to overcome these drawbacks.
auditoryThe auditory signal was detected by the sensors.
waveThe wave signal was strong and consistent throughout the experiment.
differentialThe differential signal was used to reduce the noise.
timeThe time signal was transmitted from the radio station.
typicalThe most typical signal is the 9:25 a.m. chime on the BBC World Service.
resultantThe resultant signal was weak and unclear.
brightThe bright signal pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path ahead.
wrongI think I'm getting the wrong signal from you.
fluorescentScientists observed a significant decrease in the fluorescent signal when the protein was no longer able to bind to its target.
secretHe waved the secret signal to his team.
mixedThe mixed signal from the controller caused the robot to behave erratically.

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