Adjectives for Signs

Adjectives For Signs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing signs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding how different adjectives interact with the noun 'signs' can greatly affect the interpretation and depth of your writing. Whether you're describing 'other signs' to denote alternatives or exploring 'vital signs' for emphasizing importance, each adjective nuances the noun with a unique shade of meaning. Describing 'clinical signs' or 'physical signs' can specify the context within the fields of medicine and health, while 'first signs' and 'early signs' might suggest beginnings or the anticipation of development. Every adjective paired with 'signs' turns the phrase into a specific, powerful tool for communication and expression. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the vast possibilities and enhance your mastery over language.
otherThere are other signs of economic recovery.
vitalThe nurse took the patient's vital signs
clinicalThe initial clinical signs of heart failure are often subtle and nonspecific.
physicalHer physical signs were unremarkable.
firstI've been watching for the first signs of spring.
earlyThe early signs of spring are always welcome.
fewThere were few signs of life in the deserted town.
visibleThe visible signs of aging were beginning to show on her face.
outwardShe failed to show any outward signs of embarrassment.
neurologicalThe patient presented with several neurological signs including weakness, numbness, and tingling.
clearThe doctor said there were clear signs of improvement.
obviousThere were obvious signs of a struggle in the room
neurologicThe patient presented with neurologic signs including weakness and sensory loss.
externalThe external signs of wealth were everywhere.
unmistakableThe unmistakable signs of spring were everywhere.
positiveThe company reported positive signs of growth in the last quarter.
oppositeThe charges on the two ends were of opposite signs
focalThe presence of focal signs points to the laterality of a stroke.
characteristicThe characteristic signs of the syndrome include fever, rashes, and muscle aches.
definiteThere are definite signs that the economy is improving.
usualI noticed the usual signs of a oncoming thunderstorm.
conventionalConventional signs are symbols that have a widely accepted interpretation.
telltaleThe telltale signs of nervousness were there: sweaty palms, fidgeting, and a shaky voice.
objectiveThe doctor noted the objective signs of the patient's illness.
earliestThe earliest signs of spring appear in late winter.
hopefulThe recent news reports were filled with hopeful signs for the future of the economy.
evidentThe evident signs of climate change are all around us.
ominousThe ominous signs forecasted a period of upheaval and turmoil.
negativeThere are several negative signs in the stock market right now.
typicalHe showed typical signs of a troubled mind.
abnormalThe patient exhibited abnormal signs during the examination.
overtHe showed no overt signs of illness at that time.
classicAnny had the classic signs of measles.
linguisticThe linguistic signs are used to convey meaning.
systemicHe showed systemic signs of poor perfusion, including mottling, mental status changes, and hypotension.
sureThe sure signs of a good day are sunshine and birdsong.
encouragingThe doctor gave us encouraging signs about her progress.
diagnosticThe diagnostic signs of the disease were fatigue, weight loss, and weakness.
softThe soft signs of a heart attack can be easily missed.
visualThe visual signs of the storm were undeniable.
verbalThe suspect attempted to communicate using verbal signs to avoid being overheard.
distinctResearchers examined the patients for distinct signs of any pre-operative ischemic problems.
zodiacalMy mother believes in the power of the zodiacal signs
cardinalThe doctor watched for cardinal signs like high fever and rapid breathing in his patient.
arbitraryThe arbitrary signs were used to communicate the secret message.
manifestThe manifest signs of her illness were hard to ignore.
ocularThe ocular signs of the condition include swollen eyelids and red, watery eyes.
radiographicThe radiographic signs were consistent with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
pyramidalThe pyramidal signs indicate possible brain damage.
electricThe vibrant electric signs illuminated the bustling city streets.
classicalThe classical signs of appendicitis are pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting.
premonitoryThe premonitory signs of an impending storm were evident in the darkening clouds and rising wind.
miraculousThe miraculous signs were a testament to the power of faith.
secretThey exchanged secret signs before entering the hidden room.
taleThere were telltale signs of a party the night before.
slightThe child showed slight signs of a fever.
distinctiveThe brand had distinctive signs that made it easily recognizable.
frequentFrequent signs of allergies include sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes.
extrapyramidalExtrapyramidal signs may include tremor, dyskinesia, and dystonia.
behavioralThe behavioral signs of a depressed person include apathy, anhedonia, and social withdrawal.

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