Adjectives for Singles

Adjectives For Singles

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing singles, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to pair with the noun 'singles' can dramatically alter the tone and implication of a sentence. For example, 'young singles' evokes a vibe of youth and possibly inexperience, while 'many singles' suggests a large available group, highlighting quantity over quality. The phrase 'other singles' introduces a sense of comparison or alternative options. Adding 'more' before 'singles' can imply a growing number or a desire for additional choices. Conversely, 'few singles' points to scarcity or selectiveness, and 'first singles' might denote originality or new beginnings in the dating scene. Each adjective shades the meaning in subtle, yet distinct, ways. Explore the full list of adjectives below to see how each uniquely modifies the perception of 'singles.'
youngThe young singles enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the bar.
manyThey often target older widowed persons and those in 'many singles' communities.
otherI met some other singles at the party.
moreThe couple filed for divorce and are now both seeking more singles
fewDespite winning the first set, the tennis player went on to lose the match in the tiebreaker after playing a few singles
firstThe first singles from the album were released in 2001.
severalThere were several singles released before the album came out.
topThe band's latest album features several top singles
earlyI got some early singles in my hand.
inchThe inch singles were the perfect size for the small project.
christianThe Christian singles group met for dinner and a bible study.
successfulSuccessful singles had the highest rates of individual giving.
americanI'm looking for american singles in my area.
sellingHe is selling singles today.
consecutive"The batter hit three consecutive singles."
rpmI love listening to rpm singles on my turntable.
furtherThe band released two further singles
cleanI hit three clean singles in my last baseball game.
elderlyThe community center offers a variety of programs and activities for elderly singles
subsequentThe band released several subsequent singles before their debut album.
popularPopular singles are songs that have gained widespread recognition and popularity among listeners.
youngerThe younger singles were eager to meet new people.
doubleThe tennis player won both of his double singles matches.
britishBritish singles reached the top of the charts.
numerous"Numerous singles" were spotted enjoying a night on the town.
basicI ordered the basic singles off the menu.
straightHe was quite surprised to meet so many straight singles at the club.
footThe foot singles were quick and very responsive.
oneI played one singles match in the tournament.
comfortableThese comfortable singles will fit perfectly into any decor.
chartedThe band had three charted singles in the top 40.
divorcedThe support group was specifically designed for divorced singles
activeThe fitness studio hosts weekly gatherings for active singles looking to meet new people.
successiveThe team recorded three successive singles in the first inning.
standardHe pitched several standard singles during the game.
classThe class singles were a well-educated and successful group of people.
heterosexualMost of the heterosexual singles in New York City meet through social circles or online dating sites.
availableThere are many available singles on the market.
biggestThis singer has the biggest singles in the country.
professionalThe professional singles in the city gathered for a networking event.
affluentAffluent singles are seeking educated, successful partners.
australianThe Australian singles Chart ranks the best-performing singles in Australia.
backThe tennis player approached the net and hit a series of delicate back singles
urbanUrban singles often have a hard time finding love.
seniorSenior singles were enjoying their twilight years.
femaleThe female singles final will be played tomorrow.
classicThe band released a 8-song EP compilation of their greatest classic singles
conditionedThe research team conditioned singles to respond to a certain stimulus.
lifelongThe lifelong singles enjoyed the companionship of their pets.
mixedThe restaurant offered mixed singles of cocktails and appetizers
5-10I have 5-10 singles in my wallet.
lonelyThese events are geared toward single professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are looking to connect with other lonely singles

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