Adjectives for Six

Adjectives For Six

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing six, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'six' can dramatically change its context and meaning, showcasing the significance of numbers in describing quantity, order, or time. From 'twenty six' to 'seventy six', each combination paints a different picture, suggesting a continuum or a specific point within a series. Whether it's 'part six' in a narrative or 'fifty six' as a milestone, the added adjective transforms 'six' from a mere number to a descriptor of age, chapters, achievements, or steps in a process. This nuanced usage of adjectives with 'six' opens up a world of precision and detail, inviting you to discover the full list of adjectives that can accompany 'six' below.
twentyThe meeting is scheduled for twenty six of May.
thirtyThe box contained thirty six doughnuts.
partPart six is the most challenging part.
seventyThe old man celebrated his seventy six years with his entire family.
fiftyFifty six is the number of states in the United States.
sixtyThe speed limit on the highway is sixty six miles per hour.
ninetyAfter grading ninety six papers, the teacher was exhausted.
andThe house has five windows and six doors.
dayIt was already day six of the journey.
twoI bought two six-packs of beer
fourThere are four sixes in a twenty-four hour day.
threeThe three six cans sat on the shelf.
oneI just ate one six inch sub sandwich.
lectureSorry, I can't answer this question. The context does not mention anything about lecture six so I cannot provide a sentence with it.
lessonProfessor Brown finished lesson six on molecular biology.
principleLet's follow principle six of your guidance.
eightThis is an eight six
nineteenThe year nineteen six was a pivotal moment in history.
agedHe was gifted with a bike aged six
pagePage six reported on the latest celebrity gossip.
tenThe meeting is scheduled for ten six p.m.
chapterIn chapter six the characters embark on a perilous journey.
numberThe number six is written as 6.
blankI need a blank six to complete my crossword puzzle.
topmostThe topmost six windows contained rainbow glass.
countCount six before you proceed.
platePlease put the dishes on plate six
hundredThe meeting will be held at one hundred six Main Street.
caseCase six is very interesting.
balladThe ballad six was a haunting melody that echoed through the desolate streets.
zeroThe flight departs at zero six hundred hours.
sevenThe clock read seven six and I had to rush.
movePlease move six steps ahead.
fieldThe ball was hit into field six

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