Adjectives for Skip

Adjectives For Skip

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing skip, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'skip' carries a playful and light-hearted connotation, but when paired with different adjectives, its meaning can shift dramatically. A 'little skip' might evoke images of a child's innocent play, while a 'direct skip' suggests a purposeful, perhaps urgent, movement. The 'long skip,' on the other hand, could denote both the physical distance and a metaphorical leap over obstacles. Each adjective - be it 'hop,' suggesting a smaller, more controlled movement, 'old,' hinting at a nostalgic action, or 'better,' implying improvement - nuances the action of skipping in unique ways. Explore our full range of adjectives to see how each transforms the simple act of skipping into a rich tapestry of imagery and implication.
directThe aircraft made a direct skip to runway 18.
longHe took a long skip over the puddle.
oldGo grab the coffee from old skip
publicThe public skip was full of people jogging and lifting weights.
shortSally took a short skip across the grass.
upwardHer upward skip looked like she was weightless
suddenHe took a sudden skip to the side to avoid the blow.
rubbishThe construction workers had left a big rubbish skip full of wood and metal scraps at the end of the driveway.
quickHe left the room with a quick skip
wideThe wide skip was due to the heavy rain.
downwardThe ball took a downward skip across the water.
automaticThe automatic skip feature is designed to seamlessly navigate through a series of videos.
fullThe skipping rope fell through the air in a perfect full skip
octaveThe piece features a large octave skip in the third measure.
andThe children laughed and skipped through the park.
bigThe runner took a big skip over the puddle.
melodicThe vocalist's melodic skip across the high register was both effortless and captivating.
doubleShe skipped over two turns to double skip her opponent.
tonThe little boy could not wait to skip around the yard with his new ton skip
indirectAn indirect skip is a type of movement in which the body moves in a direction that is not directly towards or away from the object being skipped.
gradeThe brilliant child was allowed to grade skip three times
hoppityThe little girl skipped around the playground with a hoppity skip
slightShe walked with a slight skip in her step.
radicalThe radical skip of the mongoose enabled it to evade the attacking crocodile.
lightLight skipped across the surface of the water, creating a shimmering dance of reflections.
halfAbby took a half skip down the sidewalk.
eyeMy eye skip a beat when I saw her.
dayI wish I had a day skip button for those boring lectures.
recklessHe had a reckless skip in his step when he got the good news.
funnyThe funny skip made everyone laugh.
wiggleThe excited puppy let out a joyful wiggle skip around the park.
joyousThe children danced a joyous skip through the meadow.
eastI east skipped the line to get to the front.
discreteThe function has a discrete skip of 2.
fantasticThe acrobat executed a fantastic skip across the stage.
leggedThe centipede legged skip across the forest floor.
forwardWe forward skip to the next scene where the battle between heroes and villains is occurring.
backwardThe clumsy child did a backward skip and tripped.
tallThe tall skip in his step made him seem like he was floating.
chordalThe chordal skip in the melody created a sense of movement and energy.
extraShe skipped an extra skip over the broken glass.
openingThe chef's opening skip was a flop.
peculiarThe kitten took a peculiar skip across the room.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive skip provides a wide variety of learning materials.
tippingLet me grab a tipping skip from the kitchen.
concreteThe concrete skip was filled with rubble from the demolished building.
hugeTwo workers carrying huge skips of construction waste.
flatHe tried to flat skip over the obstacles.
ecstaticThe ballerina took an ecstatic skip across the stage.
strangeThe dog's strange skip made her laugh.
dearOh dear skip this is not what I expected when I selected you.
sidewaysHe watched her as she took three quick sideways skips away from him.
gonnaI'm gonna skip town for a while.
fastThe children fast skip out of the door.
awkwardHe walked with an awkward skip like a child who had just learned to walk.
dischargingThe discharging skip was not a legitimate watercraft, so it was not allowed to dock near the other charter boats.
select"SELECT SKIP 1000 ROWS" picks a row after the first 1000 rows
excitedThe child let out an excited skip when they saw the ice cream truck.
involuntaryThe news made her break out in involuntary skips.
girlishShe walked with a girlish skip her feet barely touching the ground.
unusualHer unusual skip amazed the pedestrians.
tinyI bounded through the park, my tiny skip carrying me quickly over the grass.

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