Adjectives for Society

Adjectives For Society

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing society, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication, the word 'society' carries with it deep, multifaceted meanings, further enriched by the adjectives that precede it. Descriptors such as 'civil', 'American', 'modern', 'human', 'industrial', and 'democratic' not only modify but profoundly transform our understanding of society, painting vivid pictures of its composition, values, and challenges. Whether it's the organized harmony suggested by 'civil society', the cultural specificity of 'American society', or the temporal frame of 'modern society', each combination opens a window into the complex interplay of social structures and human experiences. These nuanced interpretations play a crucial role in our discourse, inviting us to explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'society' below.
civilThe civil society groups played a key role in advocating for the new legislation.
americanAmerican society is a melting pot of different cultures.
modernIn modern society technology plays a significant role in shaping our daily lives.
humanHuman society is complex and ever-changing.
industrialModern industrial society is a complex system characterized by mass production, urbanization, and the division of labor.
democraticIn a democratic society citizens have the right to participate in decision-making.
contemporaryIn contemporary society technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our daily lives.
largerThe larger society is often unaware of the struggles faced by marginalized groups.
capitalistIn capitalist society wealth and resources are owned by a small number of individuals.
westernWestern society has been shaped by the values of individualism, freedom, and democracy.
freeIn a free society individuals are entitled to their own beliefs and way of life.
indianIndian society has a rich and diverse culture.
traditionalThe traditional society's values are based on respect for elders and family.
socialistThe socialist society was based on the principles of equality and cooperation.
secretThe clandestine secret society operates in the shadows, manipulating events unseen.
britishBritish society has been shaped by many different influences over the centuries.
englishEnglish society has undergone significant changes in recent decades.
ruralThe peace and quiet of rural society appealed to her.
chineseChinese society is rapidly changing.
civilizedThere are many rules and expectations in a civilized society
urbanThe urban society is characterized by high population density and social complexity.
japaneseJapanese society is known for its politeness and respect for others.
bourgeoisNothing in bourgeois society is more sterile than the individual.
sovietSoviet society was characterized by a strong sense of collectivism and a belief in the power of the state.
europeanThe European society for Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care was founded in 1989.
primitivePrimitive society was characterized by simple social structures and technology.
frenchFrench society has undergone significant changes in recent decades.
widerThe company's work has had a positive impact on the wider society
operativeThe operative society was founded in 1901 to promote the study of surgery.
classlessIn a classless society all individuals are considered equal in status and opportunity.
feudalThe feudal society was a type of social organization that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages.
colonialThe colonial society was a complex and hierarchical structure.
openAn open society is one where people are free to express their opinions without fear of persecution.
christianThe Christian society was based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
politePolite society dictates that we refrain from discussing certain topics in public.
idealThe ideal society would be one where everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources.
communistIn a communist society the means of production are owned in common by all members.
russianRussian society is complex and diverse, with a long and rich history.
germanGerman society is complex and diverse, with a variety of social and cultural groups.
pluralisticThe pluralistic society we live in has many different cultures and beliefs.
dominantThe dominant society often marginalizes and excludes people who are different.
romanRoman society was characterized by its complex social hierarchy.
globalOur global society is increasingly interconnected and interdependent.
literaryThe literary society held a lively debate on the latest novel by their favorite author.
mainstreamEven though he was from mainstream society he still felt like an outsider.
technologicalTechnology communicates data seamlessly in a technological society
secularThe country has a secular society with no official religion.
canadianIn Canadian society multiculturalism is a core value.
agriculturalThe agricultural society is based on the cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock.
africanMany young people in central and eastern African society share dreams of a college education.
israeliIsraeli society is a diverse and complex tapestry woven with various ethnic, religious, and cultural threads.
liberalThe liberal society is one in which individuals are free to think and express themselves without fear of censorship or reprisal.
medievalMedieval society was a complex and hierarchical system.
tribalThe tribal society was based on a strong sense of community and cooperation.
muslimThere are many different traditions and practices within Muslim society
agrarianThe agrarian society was based on the cultivation of crops and raising of livestock.
egalitarianIn an egalitarian society every citizen has the same opportunities and rights.
multiculturalThe multicultural society is a vibrant and diverse community where people from all backgrounds can thrive.
advancedIn the advanced society technology plays a pivotal role in improving lives and connecting individuals globally.
century"Century Society" refers to a group of donors who have given to the same organization for 100 years.
cooperativeThe rural cooperative society has been functioning efficiently.
islamicIslamic society played a pivotal role in promoting scientific advancements and philosophical thought during the Middle Ages.
massMass society is a term used to describe a society in which the majority of the population is concentrated in urban areas.
irishThe Irish society is known for its hospitality and warmth.
classThe class society we live in can be divisive.
fashionableThe fashionable society gathered for the much-anticipated fashion show.

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