Adjectives for Solution

Adjectives For Solution

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing solution, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a solution can significantly alter the perception and effectiveness of your message. An only solution suggests exclusivity, while a saturated solution indicates a maximum capacity of solute. Describing a solution as the best implies superiority among alternatives, whereas a dilute solution conveys a lower concentration of solute. Furthermore, an aqueous solution specifies that water is the solvent, and an optimal solution represents the most favorable condition. Understanding these nuances can greatly enhance the clarity and impact of your communication. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more about how each can alter the perception of 'solution'.
onlyThe only solution was to give up.
saturatedThe saturated solution could not dissolve any more solute.
bestThe best solution is often the simplest one.
diluteThe dilute solution contained only a small amount of the solute.
aqueousThe aqueous solution was stirred at room temperature.
optimalThe optimal solution is the best possible outcome from the given set of constraints.
finalThe final solution to the problem is still unknown.
standardThe standard solution was used to calibrate the pH meter.
solidThe solid solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more components that form a single crystalline phase.
possibleThe possible solution to the problem is to restart the computer.
acidThe acid solution was very concentrated.
alkalineThe alkaline solution caused the metal to corrode.
concentratedThe concentrated solution had a high concentration of the active ingredient.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory solution provided the desired outcome.
normalThe normal solution of the acid will have a pH of 7.
simpleA simple solution to this problem is to use a different approach.
numericalWe utilized a numerical solution to solve this complicated equation.
completeWe provide a complete solution for all your business needs.
strongThe cleaning must be done using a strong solution
alcoholicThe alcoholic solution was used to clean the wound.
exactThe scientist determined the exact solution to the equation.
weakThe equation of partial differentials has a weak solution
clearThe clear solution to the problem was right before my eyes.
feasibleThe determined feasible solution satisfied all the constraints.
practicalImplementing a practical solution to the intricate problem was of utmost importance.
hotThe hot solution dissolved the sugar quickly.
idealThe ideal solution is one that meets all the requirements and constraints while achieving the desired outcome.
uniqueThis system of equations has a unique solution
betterThere should be a better solution to this problem.
peacefulThe conflict could be resolved through a peaceful solution
correctThe correct solution to the problem is to apply the formula.
analyticalThe analytical solution to the problem was surprisingly simple.
partialThe partial solution to the problem was implemented as a stopgap measure.
obviousThe obvious solution was to simply turn it upside down.
neutralThe pH of the neutral solution was 7.
easyThe easy solution is to simply ignore the problem.
salineThe saline solution was used to clean the wound.
trueThe true solution to the problem has not yet been found.
sterileWhen opening a new vial of sterile solution handle the vial and cap aseptically.
coldThe cold solution was applied to the wound.
perfectThis is the perfect solution for your problem.
termThe company is providing a new term solution for their clients.
permanentThe permanent solution to the problem was found after several failed attempts.
effectiveThis novel approach presents an effective solution to the problem.
alternativeFinding an alternative solution may open up new possibilities.
antisepticThe antiseptic solution was used to clean the wound and prevent infection.
ultimateThe ultimate solution to this problem was a complete redesign of the system.
acceptableThe proposed design is an acceptable solution to the problem.
initialThe initial solution was not found.
warmThe warm solution helped to ease the pain in his muscles.
optimumThe optimum solution for reducing production costs was to implement a lean manufacturing system.
blueThe blue solution contained a high concentration of copper sulfate.
isotonicAn isotonic solution has the same osmotic pressure as the cell.
anestheticThe surgeon administered an anesthetic solution to the patient before performing the procedure.
appropriateThe appropriate solution was found after much deliberation.
ammoniacalThe ammoniacal solution was used to clean the metal surface.
graphicalUsing a graphical solution we can visualize the relationship between two or more variables.
physiologicalThe physiological solution was used to create the artificial conditions for the experiment.
freshThe fresh solution effectively addressed the problem.
temporaryThe new system is a temporary solution until the old one is repaired.
causticThe caustic solution rapidly dissolved the metal surface.
wateryThe watery solution was clear and colorless.
simplestThe simplest solution is often the best.
balancedThe isotonic balanced solution was used for diluting the cells.
acidicThe acidic solution was used to dissolve the metal.
reasonableA reasonable solution to the problem was found.
viableThe viable solution was presented to the board.
efficientThe efficient solution streamlined the workflow, significantly reducing time and effort.
preparedThe prepared solution was added to the beaker.
hypertonicThe hypertonic solution caused the cells to shrink.
successfulThe successful solution to the problem was widely praised.
liquidThe liquid solution was clear and colorless.
aboveThe temperature inside the spacecraft must be kept above freezing by using different means, and in the above solution this task is assigned to the electric heater.

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