Adjectives for Solutions

Adjectives For Solutions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing solutions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe solutions can significantly alter the perceived effectiveness and suitability of these answers or remedies. Whether discussing 'possible solutions' to showcase their potential, 'dilute' and 'concentrated' to signify their strength and intensity, or 'aqueous' and 'solid' to define their physical state, each adjective paints a unique picture. 'Alternative solutions' further expand the horizons, suggesting non-standard approaches that might be more fitting under certain circumstances. Every adjective adds a layer of depth, highlighting the distinctive characteristics and applicability of the solutions being discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'solutions' to enhance your descriptions and understandings.
possibleThere are possible solutions to every problem.
diluteThe dilute solutions were prepared by adding the appropriate amount of solvent to the solute.
aqueousThe aqueous solutions of iron(III) chloride are yellow.
alternativeWe need to consider alternative solutions to this problem.
solidThe addition of small amounts of other metal atoms to a metal can lead to the formation of solid solutions
concentratedThe concentrated solutions contained high levels of the active ingredient.
alkalineThe alkaline solutions are basic in nature.
variousWe considered various solutions to the problem.
standardStandard solutions can be used for calibration of analytical instruments.
optimalThe engineers worked tirelessly to develop optimal solutions for the complex system.
numericalThrough our new partnership with, we can now offer on-prem and cloud-native numerical solutions from open-source Python and R data science frameworks including scikit-learn, XGBoost, TensorFlow, and Keras.
practicalWe need to develop practical solutions to address the challenges we face.
simpleSimple solutions often work best.
potentialThere are potential solutions to this problem.
creativeWe need to come up with creative solutions to solve this problem.
analyticalResearchers used analytical solutions to uncover the hidden dynamics of the system.
exactThe precise answers to the complex equations are known as exact solutions
feasibleWe can consider a number of feasible solutions to the problem.
technicalWe used various technical solutions to solve the issue.
neutralNeutral solutions have a pH of 7.
strongThe company's strong solutions helped them to win the bid.
effectiveUtilizing effective solutions we can successfully resolve complex challenges.
weakThe weak solutions to the partial differential equations were analyzed.
hypertonicHypertonic solutions have a higher concentration of solutes than the cell.
innovativeOur team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems.
easyThere are no easy solutions in life.
termThe term solutions are commonly used in various fields.
betterWe should seek better solutions for this problem.
partialWe have found partial solutions to the problem.
saturatedThe saturated solutions contained an excess of undissolved solute.
multipleThe equation has multiple solutions
acidicThe acidic solutions were carefully titrated with a base.
basedThe cross-functional team championed based solutions to the recurring problem.
technologicalWe are developing technological solutions to address these challenges.
appropriateWe must identify appropriate solutions to the problem.
approximateThe approximate solutions to the equation are x=3 and x=5.
alcoholicHe was the furthest thing from his usual self; he was slurring his words, and his breath stank of alcoholic solutions
hotThe hot solutions were applied to the affected area.
periodic"Periodic solutions" are a challenging mathematical concept and a rich area of research in differential equations.
satisfactoryWe were able to reach satisfactory solutions with our new vendor.
acceptableThese are acceptable solutions to this problem.
idealIdeal solutions involve a homogeneous mixture of two or more species at a molecular level with no substantial interactions between the components.
followingThe following solutions are provided for your convenience.
intravenousThe patient was given intravenous solutions to help rehydrate them.
correctThe correct solutions were found.
uniqueThe system of equations has unique solutions
quickWe need to find quick solutions to this problem.
efficientThe team is working on efficient solutions to solve the problem.
radicalThe government implemented radical solutions to quell the unrest.
antisepticThe antiseptic solutions were used to sterilize the wound.
liquidThe researchers mixed the chemicals in liquid solutions to create a new compound.
analyticThe analytic solutions to the differential equations were obtained using a variety of techniques.
isotonicIsotonic solutions have the same osmotic pressure as the cell.
workableDespite the challenges, we managed to find workable solutions
purePure solutions are homogenous mixtures of a single substance in a single phase.
containingResearch often involves containing solutions in tubes.
stableThe stable solutions of the differential equation are x=1 and x=2.
hypotonicHypotonic solutions have a lower solute concentration than the cells they surround.
availableThere are several available solutions to choose from.
strongerWe need stronger solutions to address the issue of climate change.
supersaturatedSupersaturated solutions contain more dissolved solute than a normally saturated solution can hold at a given temperature.
peacefulWe should always seek peaceful solutions to conflicts.
viableThe team explored viable solutions to the problem.

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