Adjectives for Someone

Adjectives For Someone

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing someone, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe someone can subtly change the nuance of your sentence, providing depth and context to your narrative. For instance, describing someone as only could evoke a sense of solitude or uniqueness, while special imbues a feeling of admiration or affection. The word last might bring a sense of finality or sadness, whereas certain could convey assurance or specificity. The adjective next primes for a sense of anticipation, and afraid introduces fear or sympathy. Each choice paints a different picture of the individual in question, showcasing the power of adjectives in language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe someone below.
onlyThis experience was only someone to have had.
special"Don't worry," she said, "I'll look after your special someone."
certainI'm not sure who you mean by that certain someone
nextSusan complimented Mary and then complimented next someone
afraidI am afraid someone will steal my car.
sureShe is sure someone is following her.
likelyIt is likely someone will come to help you.
minuteThe price increased the minute someone walked through the door.
gladI'm glad someone is taking the initiative.
suddenThe door opened with a sudden someone standing at the threshold.
possibleThe possible someone I am referring to is a friend of mine.
longerThe longer someone stays in the sun, the more damage they can cause to their skin.
wouldWould someone close the door?
lessWe must give it a low priority in order to allow time for less someone to establish a support group
insultingShe told him that he was insulting someone
wrongDon't wrong someone who can't fight back.
unknownI saw an unknown someone running down the street.
darkThe dark someone watched me as I walked down the street.
leastI'm glad to hear that at least someone is happy.
luckyI hope you're the lucky someone who wins the lottery.
badThe owner had to bad someone from the resort.
professionalThe professional someone helped me with my project.
deadI dead someone in the street.
pastThe car sped past someone on the highway.
oppositeHe stood opposite someone who looked very familiar.
perfectI met the perfect someone at the party last night.
mysteriousThe mysterious someone left a strange note on my doorstep.
elseI have to hurry, else someone will take my place.
findI need to find someone to help me with this project.
wishI wish someone would help me with this.
blueThe sad boy was feeling blue someone times.
disappointingDisappointing someone is one of the worst feelings.
strangeThe strange someone in the dark corner was watching me.
meanI mean someone who is very good at what they do.
dateI'm not ready to date someone yet.
fancyI fancy someone who is kind and caring.
nearbyHer dog is nearby someone in the park.
lestCheck the oil regularly lest someone gets stranded on the highway.
whenWhen someone makes you laugh, it's like a mini vacation for your brain.
invisibleThe invisible someone came and went without anyone noticing.
bilingualHe met with his bilingual someone who helped him with translating the documents.

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