Adjectives for Son

Adjectives For Son

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing son, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'son' can profoundly impact the perception and emotion conveyed in a sentence. Descriptors like 'eldest' or 'youngest' speak to a son's position in the family hierarchy, offering a glimpse into his responsibilities or privileges. An 'only' son carries the weight of uniqueness, potentially highlighting solitude or undivided parental attention. When referring to one's 'own son,' the phrase deeply personalizes the relationship, emphasizing a bond or a sense of possession and pride. Meanwhile, 'second son' may evoke feelings of being in-between, neither the trailblazer nor the baby of the family. Each adjective weaves a distinct narrative thread, coloring conversations with nuanced layers of meaning. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'son' below to enrich your descriptions and storytelling.
eldestThe eldest son inherited the family business.
onlyThe old woman was worried about her only son who had gone to war.
secondThe second son of the king was a brave and noble warrior.
ownThe man accused his own son of stealing.
youngestMy youngest son is the one with the curly hair.
oldI'll be back in a jiffy, old son
youngerThe younger son squandered his inheritance on reckless living.
oldestMy oldest son is a lawyer.
thirdThe third son was a bit of a rebel.
youngI am so proud of my young son
littleMy little son is very cute.
belovedThe beloved son returned home after many years.
elderThe elder son inherited his father's estate.
dearDear son I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.
infantShe looked lovingly at her infant son
illegitimateThe illegitimate son of the king was hidden away in a remote castle.
prodigalThe prodigal son returned home after squandering his inheritance.
begottenThe begotten son inherited his father's vast fortune.
fourthThe fourth son was the most rebellious of all.
naturalHis natural son James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, inherited the earldom in 1688.
trueHe is a true son of his father.
olderMy older son is much taller than my younger son.
bornHis wife had just given birth to their first born son
favoriteMary called her favorite son and asked him to visit her.
deadI was devastated by the news of my dead son
dutifulThe dutiful son honored his parents as tradition dictated.
fifthThe fifth son was always getting into trouble.
nativeRichard Wright's novel "Native Son" explores the complex social and racial issues of its time.
legitimateEdward was acknowledged by the King to be his legitimate son
favouriteHe was always his mother's favourite son
teenageMy teenage son is always asking me for money.
eternalThe eternal son was finally able to reunite with his long-lost father.
seventhThe seventh son was said to have magical powers.
famousHe is a famous son of our country.
stepI get along well with my step son
fosterJohn is a loving and caring foster son
divineThe divine son of God descended from the heavens to bless the faithful.
worthyHe is a worthy son to his father.
sixthThe king's sixth son was a brave and noble knight.
obedientJohn was an obedient son who always listened to his parents.
nobleThe noble son shouldered the burden of his father's legacy.
newbornThe exhausted mother gazed lovingly at her newborn son
rebelliousThe rebellious son refused to listen to his parents' advice.
incarnateThe incarnate son loved the mankind unconditionally.
handsomeHer handsome son won the race.
grownMy grown son has a promising future ahead.
minorThe man traveled with his minor son
yearoldMy yearold son loves to play in the park.
waywardThe old, wayward son returned home after years of wandering.
illustriousHe was born an illustrious son of the city of Zamora.
yearLast year son went on vacation to florida.
wiseMy wise son listeneth to my instruction.
loyalThe loyal son never forgot his mother's teachings.
posthumousThe posthumous son of the deceased was born a week after his father's passing.
braveHe praised his brave son
devotedThe devoted son cared for his aging parents with love and patience.
faithfulThe faithful son honored his parents with unwavering love and respect.
distinguishedHe is a distinguished son who brought honor to his family.
parMichel a réussi par son courage.
queEl perro y el gato que son mascotas están durmiendo.
grandMy grand son is a bright young boy.
deceasedThe deceased son's belongings were donated to a local church.
preciousHis precious son was the light of his life.
giftedMy gifted son plays the piano with such ease and grace.
brilliantI believe that my brilliant son will become a successful entrepreneur in the future.
marriedMy married son lives in California.
sickThe sick son was coughing and sneezing.
filialThe filial son took good care of his parents.
unfortunateThe unfortunate son was left to fend for himself.
blessedMay the blessed son bring joy and happiness to your life.
adolescentThe adolescent son was struggling with his identity.
dearestMy dearest son I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.

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