Adjectives for Sound

Adjectives For Sound

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing sound, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun sound can transform your sentence, conveying precise emotions and scenarios. Describing a sound as loud immediately projects an image of overwhelming noise, while soft suggests something gentle, barely audible. A faint sound requires keen attention to be noticed, hinting at mystery or subtlety. Moreover, using adjectives like first and second can introduce a sense of sequence or priority, altering the narrative focus. Each adjective paints a unique auditory landscape, enriching our understanding and experience of the story being told. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for sound to find the perfect pitch for your prose.
firstThe first sound of the morning was the alarm clock.
onlyThe only sound was the ticking of the clock.
secondThe second sound of the word 'hello' is pronounced with an 'e' sound.
loudThe loud sound startled me.
faintI could hear a faint sound coming from the other room.
softShe whispers sweet nothings with a soft sound
strangeA strange sound echoed through the empty hallway.
lowThe low sound of the waves crashing against the shore was soothing.
musicalThe enchanting musical sound filled the room, captivating all who heard it.
familiarThe familiar sound of rain pattering on the window brought back memories of childhood.
distantI heard a distant sound
dullThe impact produced a dull sound
hollowThe hollow sound of the bell echoed through the empty hall.
singleThe single sound of a bell cut through the silence.
sharpThe sharp sound of glass breaking startled me.
muffledThe muffled sound of thunder echoed in the distance.
slightestShe reacted to even the slightest sound
sweetEnjoying the sweet sound of the birds.
deepThe deep sound of the gong reverberated through the temple.
veryThe arguments presented in his speech were very sound
shortThe short sound of the bell startled the cat.
mereThe mere sound of the piano filled the air.
slightA slight sound came from the room next door.
peculiarThe peculiar sound echoed through the empty hallway.
thirdThe third sound was a gentle tapping, like someone was knocking on the door with a soft touch.
audibleThe audible sound of thunder roared through the valley.
suddenThe sudden sound startled me.
harshThe harsh sound of the jackhammer grated on her nerves.
clearThe clear sound of the birdsong filled the air.
pleasantThe chirping birds created a pleasant sound
shrillThe shrill sound of the alarm pierced the air.
pitchedThe soaring vocals pitched sound above the resonant chords.
metallicThe metal spoon clattered against the ceramic plate, producing a metallic sound that reverberated through the room.
initialThe initial sound of the word 'cat' is the letter 'c'.
uncertainHer words had a distinct uncertain sound
vocalThe singer's vocal sounds were powerful and moving.
rumblingThe distant thunder produced a fearsome rumbling sound
continuousThe continuous sound of the crickets filled the night air.
recordedThe recorded sound quality was excellent.
consonantThe consonant sound in 'buzzing' is /z/.
cracklingThe crackling sound of the fire filled the air.
pureThe pure sound of the flute filled the air.
distinctThe bells tolled with a distinct sound
beautifulThe beautiful sound of the waves crashing against the shore filled the air.
distinctiveThe distinctive sound of the guitar filled the room.
terribleThe terrible sound of the thunder made me jump.
characteristicThe characteristic sound of wind chimes is a soothing melody.
joyfulThe bird's joyful sound filled the air with music.
unmistakableThe unmistakable sound of thunder reverberated through the valley, announcing the imminent arrival of a storm.
emptyThe empty sound echoed through the cavern.
unusualThe sudden boom echoed through the room, causing an unusual sound
ominousThe ominous sound of thunder echoed through the night sky.
hissingThe air conditioning emitted a faint hissing sound
welcomeThe welcome sound of chirping birds greeted me as I stepped outside.
fourthThe fourth sound was distinctive and clear.
gentleThe gentle sound of the wind rustling through leaves lulled me to sleep.
dryThe wooden floor had a dry sound as I walked across it.
mournfulThe mournful sound of the bagpipes filled the air.
aorticThe aortic sound was auscultated at the base of the heart.
awfulThe awful sound of grinding metal filled the air.
curiousThe curious sound startled the children.
gutturalThe raspy voice croaked a guttural sound that sent shivers down my spine.
rhythmicThe rhythmic sound of the waves crashing ashore soothed her soul.
leastThe house was eerily silent, with the least sound being the ticking of a clock.
oddThe odd sound of the rusty door hinges echoed through the empty hallway.
nasalThe young boy had a strange nasal sound to his voice.
pulmonicThe doctor listened to the pulmonic sound through the stethoscope.
uterineThe doctor used a uterine sound to determine the position of the uterus.
horribleThe horrible sound of nails on a chalkboard grated on her ears.

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