Adjectives for Source

Adjectives For Source

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing source, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'source' can greatly impact the perception of its significance or origin. 'Major,' 'important,' and 'main' underscore its centrality or priority, suggesting that it's a pivotal component or actor within a context. 'Only' emphasizes exclusivity, highlighting its unique position as a singular origin or contributor. 'Primary' points to its foundational role, suggesting it has precedence over others in importance or time. Meanwhile, 'light' can metaphorically signal a less crucial, though enlightening, origin of information or guidance. Each adjective nuances our understanding, painting a richer picture of the source's role or value. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to more precisely articulate the multifaceted nature of sources below.
majorThe major source of pollution is heavy industry.
importantThe library is an important source of information.
mainThe main source of water for the city is the reservoir.
onlyThe only source of heat in the room was the fireplace.
primaryThe primary source for this information is a book written by the author.
lightThe flashlight was the only light source in the dark room.
singleThe single source of all knowledge is experience.
commonThis is a common source of errors in many fields.
principalThe principal source of energy for the Earth is the sun.
potentialThis is a potential source of information.
constantThe constant source of water from the well kept the crops alive during the drought.
originalThe original source of the data is a mystery.
possibleThe possible source of the problem is a faulty connection.
soleThis procurement is a sole source contract.
bestThe library is the best source of information for students.
richThe library is a rich source of knowledge.
ultimateThe ultimate source of water in the oceans is rainfall.
currentThe current source provided a constant current to the circuit.
external"The external source was a major contributor to the project's success."
valuableThe old interview with the scientist was a valuable source for the journalist.
reliableRefer to reliable source before making a decision.
excellentThis book is an excellent source of information on the subject.
significant"Degradation of the environment is a significant source of mental health problems," said Dr. Aaron Bernstein, a pediatrician and environmental health researcher at Harvard Medical School.
additionalThe additional source provided valuable information for the research paper.
openThe open source software is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute.
trueThe true source of the problem is often difficult to identify.
largestThe largest source of income for the company is from sales.
fruitfulHis presentations serve as a fruitful source of information for the students.
thirdHe consulted a third source to cross-check his facts.
usefulThe report uses the data from the survey as a useful source of information.
soundThe sound source of the music is coming from the next room.
alternativeWe must look for alternative sources of energy.
greatestThe greatest source of knowledge is experience.
primeThe prime source of the dysfunction was a congenital heart defect.
likelyThe local river is the likely source of the pollution.
outsideI consulted an outside source to confirm the information.
secondaryThe secondary source provided additional context for the historical event.
immediateThe immediate source of the data is not specified.
availableThe available source provides detailed information.
inexhaustibleThe knowledge contained in the library was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for his writing.
divine"Divine source" provided a solution.
frequentThe frequent source of information was the internet.
rayThe ray source was from the sun, but the ray detector was on the Earth.
authoritativeYou should always refer to an authoritative source before making any important decisions.
invaluableThis book is an invaluable source of information.
powerfulThe sun is a powerful source of energy.
fertileThe book is a fertile source of information about the history of the city.
convenientThis convenient source offers a wealth of helpful information.
unknownThe letter was sent from an unknown source
dominantThe dominant source of energy for the Earth is the sun.
probableThe probable source of the infection is in the digestive system.
prolificThe prolific source of the river provided ample water for the surrounding communities.
idealThe ideal source of energy for a human would be one that is easily digestible, provides a lot of energy, and does not produce waste products.
vitalThe book is a vital source of information for students.
continuousThe continuous source of laughter made everyone in the class burst into fits of giggles.
readyThe internet is a ready source of information.
potentThe potent source of light illuminated the dark room.
unexpectedShe received an unexpected source of encouragement.
abundantThe internet has become an abundant source of information.
steadyA steady source of income is essential for financial security.

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