Adjectives for South

Adjectives For South

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing south, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'south' evokes imagery of various landscapes, cultures, and climates, each nuanced by the adjectives that precede it. A 'rural south' might summon thoughts of tranquil, sprawling countryside, while the 'extreme south' could conjure images of harsh, unyielding landscapes. 'North south,' an intriguing juxtaposition, hints at regions within the southern hemisphere that share climatic or cultural characteristics with northern areas. 'Due south' emphasizes precision in direction, leading one to imagine a journey guided by compass rather than landmarks. The 'deep south' is often associated with rich cultural heritage and historical depth. Lastly, 'far south' suggests remote, perhaps untouched areas that stir the imagination. Each adjective brings its own flavor, creating a mosaic of perceptions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that paint the south in unique ways below.
ruralThe rural south is a beautiful place to visit.
extremeThe extreme south of the continent is dominated by towering mountains.
dueThe ship was sailing due south towards Antarctica.
deepThe tradition of voodoo exists throughout the deep south but is practiced predominantly in New Orleans.
farThe far south is known for its beautiful beaches.
littleThe little south wind brought a light rain.
wholeThe whole south region is expected to be hit by the hurricane.
lowerThe lower south is known for its hot and humid climate.
oldThe old south is known for its hospitality.
antebellumThere was a doctor in the antebellum south who made false claims about a yellow fever cure.
entireThe entire south was hit by a hurricane.
solidThe solid south voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate.
upperTourists flocked to the upper south to experience the charm of the Old South.
furtherThe weather gets warmer further south
sunnyThe sunny south is a great place to visit.
globalMany countries in the Global south are still struggling to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.
agriculturalThe agricultural south is known for its vast fields of crops.
midThe mid south is a region of the United States.
urbanThe festivals are popular in the urban south especially in the state of Tamil Nadu.
farthestThe farthest south I've ever been is the southern tip of South America.
postwarThe postwar south was a time of great change and upheaval.
democraticThe democratic south shifted towards republican politics.
centralThe central southern counties of England are mostly rural.
agrarianThe agrarian south was a major source of food for the rest of the country.
nonThis is a non south sentence.
plainThe wind was blowing plain south so we decided to turn around.
industrialThe industrial south is a region of the United States that is home to a large number of factories and industries.
nativeThe native south population of the whooping crane winters along the Gulf Coast.
coastalWe spent our vacation in the coastal south of France.
distantTourists flocked to the distant south for its pristine beaches.
immediateThe park is located in the immediate south of the city.
belovedThe beloved south wind carried pollen and bird songs, a prelude to summer's arrival.
unitedThe united south fought for justice.
sweetThe sweet south wind whispered through the leaves.
conservativeThe conservative south is often known for its strong religious values.
eastThe wind was blowing east south
mileThe campsite is a mile south of the lake.
tropicalThe tourists enjoyed the tropical south and its warm waters.
contemporaryThe contemporary south is characterized by its diversity and vibrancy.
straightHead straight south from here, and you'll find the nearest gas station.
furthestThe furthest south we've ever been is the southern tip of Argentina.
prosperousThe prosperous south has a lot to offer visitors.
conqueredThe Romans conquered south to the Danube, but the fierce Teutons pushed them back.
impoverishedAid agencies are struggling to provide food for tens of thousands of people in the impoverished south of the country.
partyLet’s party south this weekend.
mountainousThe mountainous south was a beautiful sight to behold.
prostrateThe prostrate south had been defeated.
holdingThe boat was holding south when the storm hit.
underdevelopedThe underdeveloped south is struggling to keep up with the rest of the country.
mainlandThe mainland south is the most populated region of the country.
occupiedThe occupied south was a hotbed for insurgents.
westThe wind was blowing from the west south
fertileThe fertile south of the country is home to many different crops.
warmerThe weather in the warmer south is much more pleasant than in the cold north.
rareThe rare south wind blew through the trees.
aristocraticVisitors are amazed by the charm of the aristocratic south
humidSweat glistened on their foreheads as they ventured into the humid south
backwardThe sun was at my back and the wind blew backward south
deeperWe're headed deeper south to find warmer weather.
atlanticThe Atlantic south has a humid subtropical climate.
proShe was a pro south tennis player.

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