Adjectives for Specifications

Adjectives For Specifications

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing specifications, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to pair with 'specifications' can profoundly impact the clarity and precision of your communication, especially in technical fields. Describing specifications as 'appropriate' emphasizes their suitability, while 'technical' underscores their complexity and relevance to specialists. 'Detailed specifications' assure comprehensiveness, and 'standard' conveys adherence to norms or benchmarks. Meanwhile, 'following specifications' suggests compliance, and 'different' introduces variability or customization. Each adjective shades the noun with unique nuances, crafting a narrative around precision, suitability, or compliance. Dive into the full array of adjectives below to discover how each can refine and enhance your discourse on specifications.
appropriateThe engineer designed the bridge to appropriate specifications
technicalWe must adhere to the technical specifications outlined in the contract.
detailedThe engineers needed to follow the detailed specifications when designing the new product.
standardThe product comes with the industry-standard specifications.
followingThe product meets the following specifications
differentThe company offers products with different specifications to cater to diverse customer needs.
functionalThe team used the functional specifications to outline the upcoming features of the product.
certainEach of the rooms should adhere to certain specifications including the size, layout, and amenities.
formalThe formal specifications of the system were carefully reviewed before implementation.
generalThe general specifications of the product include its weight, dimensions, and material composition.
alternativeThe company offered alternative specifications for the product.
exactThe architect provided the builder with the exact specifications for the new addition.
originalThe original specifications for the project have been modified.
completeI need to review the complete specifications of this phone before I can give you my opinion.
variousThis project involves products with various specifications
militaryThe rugged computer meets military specifications for durability.
preciseThe engineer followed precise specifications when designing the new bridge.
typicalThe typical specifications of the product include dimensions, weight, and power consumption.
currentThe device is operating within current specifications
rigidThe product had to perform according to rigid specifications
additionalThe company included additional specifications for the product.
furtherIt is necessary to increase the accuracy of the meteorological simulation by adding further specifications
physicalThe cell phone has physical specifications that are well-suited for its intended use.
aboveThe product exceeded above specifications
basic"All of the below are given in basic specifications."
educationalThese educational specifications will help you design and develop effective learning experiences.
finalThe architect will receive the final specifications by next week.
minimumThe minimum specifications for the operating system are a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM.
requiredThe new design did not meet the required specifications
electricalThe electrical specifications of the device are listed in the manual.
initialWe are reviewing the initial specifications for the design of the new website.
federalThe contractor shall furnish all the materials and articles, of the type and size specified, in accordance with federal specifications
definiteThe engineer designed the bridge with definite specifications
applicablePlease attach the applicable specifications for the project.
stringentThe engineers had to meet the stringent specifications to ensure the project's success.
relevantThe relevant specifications are included in the attached document.
clearThe design team required clear specifications to ensure the new product met customer needs.
strictThe engineers adhered to the strict specifications for the new bridge design
necessaryWe have met all the necessary specifications for the project.
operationalThe operational specifications must be met for the equipment to perform optimally.
mechanicalThe mechanical specifications of the new car model are impressive.
abstractThe development team created abstract specifications that define the requirements for the system.
preliminaryThe preliminary specifications for the new product were released today.
exactingThe blueprints had been drawn to exacting specifications
tentativeThe tentative specifications were agreed upon by both parties.
officialThe official specifications of the product are available upon request.
executableThe executable specifications should be used to test the software's functionality.
concreteWe need concrete specifications for the project.
structuralThe building was constructed to meet specific structural specifications
correctThe engineers ensured that the product met the correct specifications
tightThe engineers designed the product to meet tight specifications
partialThe architect provided partial specifications for the design team.
architecturalThe team reviewed the architectural specifications to ensure compliance with building codes.
latestThe laptop has the latest specifications and a powerful processor.
dimensionalThe building permit application should include the dimensional specifications for the proposed renovation.
adequateThe software program functioned with adequate specifications
contentTeachers must be familiar with the content specifications to teach effectively.

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