Adjectives for Speech

Adjectives For Speech

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing speech, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a speech can profoundly impact the perception of its content and its speaker's intentions. A free speech evokes notions of liberty and expression, while a long speech may either bore or deeply engage, depending on its delivery and substance. The term human speech brings to mind issues of rights and social justice, emphasizing the speaker's message's universality. Conversely, a last speech carries a weight of finality and significance, often leaving a lasting impression. Short speeches, praised for their conciseness, can be powerful in their brevity. Meanwhile, common speeches speak to widespread experiences, connecting speakers and audiences alike. Explore our full collection to discover how each adjective shapes the reception of a speech.
freeThe First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech
longThe politician delivered a long speech about the need for tax reform.
humanHuman speech allows us to communicate our thoughts and ideas.
lastAt the last speech he announced that the results would be released soon.
shortI gave a short speech at the meeting.
commonMany people use common speech in their everyday lives.
publicIt was a common thing back then to deliver a public speech in English class.
famousIn his famous speech Martin Luther King Jr. implored the nation to rise above the confines of prejudice and embrace the dream of equality.
spontaneousHis spontaneous speech stirred the hearts of the people.
englishI am trying to improve my english speech
slurredHer slurred speech made it difficult to understand her.
eloquentThe orator's eloquent speech captivated the audience.
articulateThe dean's articulate speech resonated through the auditorium.
briefThe professor gave a brief speech to introduce the subject.
finalThe final speech resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impact.
popularHannah loves popular speech
commercialThe commercial speech exception to the First Amendment protects certain types of advertising.
formalShe delivered a formal speech at the graduation ceremony.
inauguralThe President delivered an inspiring inaugural speech that set the tone for his presidency.
fluentShe gave a presentation in fluent speech
impassionedThe impassioned speech roused the crowd to action.
preparedThe candidate delivered a well-prepared speech on the topic of climate change.
minuteThe teacher gave a minute speech to the class.
oralChildren may have many opportunities to engage in oral speech at home.
keynoteThe keynote speech was delivered by the CEO of the company.
nativeShe was heard speaking her native speech while she was sleeping.
rapidShe spoke in rapid speech her words tumbling out in a blur.
openingThe opening speech was delivered by the CEO.
powerfulThe candidate's powerful speech resonated with the audience and swayed their votes.
excellentThe politician delivered an excellent speech that resonated with the audience.
dailyI'm going to the store to buy some groceries for my daily speech
ableHe had the distinguished ability of able speech though he was but a simple man.
remarkableThe politician delivered a remarkable speech that captivated the audience.
persuasiveI attended a persuasive speech about the importance of recycling.
lengthy"We are gathered here today to embark upon a heartfelt expedition into the realms of quantum physics, a subject shrouded in the ethereal tapestry of the unknown," proclaimed Dr. Emily Carter in her lengthy speech
intelligibleThe professor spoke in clear, intelligible speech
secretThe secret speech was given to a closed session of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
brilliantThe student delivered a brilliant speech that captivated the audience.
syntheticThe synthetic speech sounded remarkably human-like.
presidentialThe presidential speech was delivered with great eloquence and passion.
celebratedThe celebrated speech was delivered by the renowned orator.
introductoryThe introductory speech was eloquently delivered and set the stage for a successful event.
fieryThe general's fiery speech galvanized his troops.
memorableI had the privilege of hearing a memorable speech that left a lasting impression on me.

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