Adjectives for Speed

Adjectives For Speed

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing speed, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe speed can significantly alter the perception of movement or efficiency. Describing something with a high speed underscores its rapidity, often with a sense of urgency or excitement. Full speed conveys a sense of reaching potential, pushing limits to the brink. Top and maximum speed emphasize the ultimate capability, hinting at no further acceleration possible, while average speed introduces a standard or norm, helping gauge performance or progress. Using the same speed suggests consistency, an undeviating pace through time or across circumstances. Each adjective shades the concept of speed with unique insights, textures, and expectations. Discover how each adjective unfolds its distinct narrative in the full list below.
highThe train was traveling at high speed
fullThe car raced down the highway at full speed
topThe vehicle can reach top speeds of over 150 miles per hour.
maximumThe car reached its maximum speed of 120 miles per hour.
averageThe driver maintained an average speed of 60 miles per hour.
sameThe car and truck were traveling at the same speed
constantThe car traveled at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour.
greatThe car zoomed past at great speed
lowThe vehicle drove at a low speed
greaterThe car moved with greater speed than ever before.
slowThe car was moving at a slow speed
higherThe car is moving at a higher speed
normalThe car was driving at normal speed
possibleThe vehicle was traveling at a possible speed of 60 mph.
rotationalThe rotational speed of the motor is 1200 rpm.
synchronousThe synchronous speed of the motor depends on the number of poles and the frequency of the power supply.
windThe wind speed was 10 miles per hour.
criticalThe plane was flying close to its critical speed
meanThe mean speed of a highway is usually about 90km/h.
relativeThe relative speed of the two cars was 30 miles per hour.
incredibleThe car sped away with incredible speed leaving a trail of dust in its wake.
utmostHe completed the task with utmost speed
slowerThe car moved at a slower speed
angularThe angular speed of the motor was constantly increasing.
lowerThe car was traveling at a lower speed
highestThe car accelerated to the highest speed possible.
uniformThe car travels at a uniform speed of 60 miles per hour.
soundThe sound speed in water is approximately 1500 meters per second.
moderateThe vehicle was traveling at a moderate speed
variableThe motor's variable speed allowed it to adjust to different conditions.
idleThe mechanic adjusted the idle speed of the car.
amazingThe car sped past us with amazing speed
forwardThe ship's forward speed was fifteen knots.
minimumThe minimum speed limit on the highway is 55 miles per hour.
actualThe car's actual speed was higher than the posted limit.
remarkableThe phenomenal prodigy typed at remarkable speed
initialThe car had an initial speed of 50 miles per hour.
tremendousThe car traveled at a tremendous speed leaving a blur in its wake.
peripheralThe peripheral speed of the rotating disk is 100 meters per second.
greatestThe car reached its greatest speed on the open road.
excessiveThe speeding vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed putting others in danger.
fasterThe train was running at a faster speed
deliberateHe moved with deliberate speed
astonishingThe cheetah ran with astonishing speed chasing its prey across the vast plain.
sufficientHer parents rushed to her aid with sufficient speed
fastThe car was driving at a fast speed
terrificThe bullet left the gun with terrific speed
equalThe two cars traveled at equal speed
godMay god speed your journey.
steadyThe car was traveling at a steady speed down the highway.
surprisingHe finished his homework with surprising speed
convenientThe train traveled at a convenient speed
reasonableThe car was traveling at a reasonable speed
extraordinaryThe cheetah showcased its extraordinary speed as it chased its prey.
lessThe car moved with less speed
enoughThe car was moving at enough speed to avoid the accident.
lightWe are looking for a particle that can travel faster than light speed
correctDrive at the correct speed
superiorWith its superior speed the eagle soared through the sky.
rapidThe car raced down the highway at rapid speed
linearThe linear speed of the object increased rapidly.
safeIt is important to drive at a safe speed when navigating through construction zones.
loadThis website has a very fast load speed
perceptualJohn moved at a quick perceptual speed during the science experiment.
supersonicThe fighter jet flew past at supersonic speed
lowestThe cyclist rode at the lowest speed
fastestThe car raced at its fastest speed
overallThe overall speed of the process was 20 miles per hour.
halfThe car was moving at half speed
extraThe boosted car surged forward with extra speed
unprecedentedThe research project was completed with unprecedented speed
enormousThe car zoomed past at an enormous speed
reducedThe car was traveling at a significantly reduced speed due to heavy traffic.
computationalThe computational speed of the new processor is impressive.
finiteLight travels at a finite speed
alarmingThe disease was spreading at an alarming speed

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